Skoltech campus will open its doors in 2015

The construction of the first Skoltech campus, the so-called Eastern Ring, is in progress. The construction of the building facility will be completed by September 2015. Project Architect is Herzog & de Meuron Architecture Studios, a Pritzker Prize winner.

Новая картинка от АлиенорEastern Ring of the Skoltech campus will bet a complex of buildings with a total area of ​​133,000 square meters, which will include classrooms, administrative and academic offices, rooms for conferences and seminars, a student center, library, recreation area, dining-halls and cafes, as well as research laboratories. The complex’s equipping and designing are being carried out in accordance with the highest international standards.

“Eastern Ring will fully serve as a campus, all Skoltech premises will move there,” said Gary Wentworth, Director of Planning and Construction of the Skoltech Campus. “The complex actually has several functions: educational, research, administrative, social, as well as auxiliary – dining room, small retail, and a café.”

“Today, many research breakthroughs occur at the junction of several scientific fields. Thus, one of the tasks of planning is the creation of a favorable environment for interdisciplinary research. Research centers and laboratories are not isolated from each other, and will operate in a complex, in collaboration, in constant communication with each other,” says Gary Wentworth. “Apart from the regular classrooms and laboratories, there will be classrooms equipped with interactive communication systems connecting them to scientific laboratories in the Skoltech campus. In an interactive classroom, several groups of students will be able to simultaneously work on solving large complex problems, using video cameras to keep in touch with laboratories, to monitor the processes occurring there, to take the readings of laboratory equipment. The campus will also be provided with the so-called ‘kohortspace’ – workshops in which students will be able to manually construct models and prototypes of their technical developments.”

Another feature – a small percentage of the auditoriums are intended only for lectures.

“The main learning process will occur in the laboratories. There are very few classic lecture halls, in terms of percentage. Skoltech students are Masters level students. This is quite another level. Many of them have already come to the University with their research projects. Learning occurs during the work on real research projects – and this, of course, is reflected in the planning,” said Yuri Starodubtsev, chief architect of Skoltech.

Skoltech campus construction will be carried out in accordance with the basic trends of the Skolkovo Innovation Center – energy efficiency, ecology and internationality. In the campus, as well as throughout the Innovation Center, low-rise buildings will prevail. Preference will be given to pedestrians and cyclists. There will be little road transport and all cars will be electric. The entire project is based on so-called “green construction”. Buildings’ compliance with modern requirements of environment and energy efficiency is certified by specific organizations.

By 2020, 2,772 people will have studied in the building. Of these, there will be 1,252 students, 440 postdocs, 200 teachers, and 200 researchers.

“The Skoltech Campus will harmoniously fit into the Skolkovo ecosystem. It will become a kind of heart of the Innovation Center. A place where innovations will emerge,” said Gary Wentworth.

plan_campusSkoltech campus is a university campus, where all Skoltech premises will be located, except residential apartments for students and teachers. According to the design, the campus will consist of three contiguous complexes: Eastern Ring, the central part of the so-called Agora, where the administrative center of the University will be situated and the Western Ring. Skoltech campus is a unique and unparalleled Russian educational and research complex of a new generation, designed to create on the territory of the Skolkovo Innovation Center a favorable educational, scientific and innovative environment that will attract talented young innovators and leading scientists from around the world.

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