Energy PhD seminar


Every Wednesday at 2 p.m., room MR-408. Please keep following for updates.

Schedule of Energy PhD seminar.

07.09.2016 Artem Naumov (Advisor: Andriy Zhugayevych) – Molecular dynamics for organic electronics Abstract
14.09.2016 Misha Chertkov (Guest lecture) – Thermal transients in district heating systems: physics modeling for better identification and control Abstract
21.09.2016 Alexandra Sveshnikova (Advisor: Alexander Ustinov) – Modeling of voltage and current losses in polymer electrolyte fuel cells Abstract
28.09.2016 Sergei Vavilov (Advisor: Keith Stevenson) – Anode coatings for lithium-silicon batteries Abstract
05.10.2016 Lyudmila Khakimova (Advisor: Artem Myasnikov) – Optimization workflow for modelling of two-phase thermal multicomponent filtration Abstract
12.10.2016 Aliya Mukhametdinova (Advisors: Alexey Cheremisin, Marwan Charara) – Laboratory NMR applications for Bazhenov Formation core samples analysis and possibility of using NMR during the filtration experiments Abstract
19.10.2016 1st talk: Anastasia Gabova (Advisor: Yuri Popov) – Development of advanced technique for investigation of formation thermal properties in application to hydrocarbon recovery problems Abstract 2nd talk: Alina Akhtyamova (Advisor: Artem Myasnikov) – Poroelastoplastic geomechanic model for unconventional reservoirs: construction, core based initialization and practical application
25-26.10.2016 Workshop 1st Annual Workshop of Skoltech/MIT Next Generation Program
02.11.2016 Andrey Tarkhov (Advisor: Boris Fine) – Quantum simulation of chaotic behaviour of the discrete Gross-Pitaevskii equation with ultracold atoms in optical lattices Abstract
09.11.2016 Evgeniya Gilshteyn (Advisor: Albert Nasibulin) – Stretchable and transparent supercapacitors based on aerosol synthesized single-walled carbon nanotube films Abstract
16.11.2016 1st talk: Maksim Glagolev (Advisor: Alexander Ustinov) – Smart Heat Grids. New technologies and approaches 2nd talk: Mazhar Ali (Advisors: Janusz Bialek, Konstantin Turitsyn, Anatoly Dymarsky) – Studying power flow solution space with system constraints
23.11.2016 1st talk: Kirill Abrosimov (Advisor: Alexander Ustinov) – CHP micro gas turbine system with subatmospheric thermodynamic cycle  2nd talk: Grigoriy Starkov (Advisors: Anatoly Dymarsky, Boris Fine) – Clustered simulation of spin lattices
30.11.2016 1st talk: Anastasia Ivanova (Advisor: Alexey Cheremisin) – Nanoparticles in chemical EOR: challenges and opportunities 2nd talk: Irina Luckicheva (Advisor: Alexander Ustinov) – Median filtering in power system state estimation Abstract
07.12.2016 1st talk: Aysylu Askarova (Advisor: Alexei Cheremisin) – Thermal methods of enhanced oil recovery. Experimental and numerical modelling of in-situ combustion 2nd talk: Nikolai Mitiurev (Advisor: Mikhail Spasennykh) – Kerogen thermal destruction kinetics
14.12.2016 1st talk: Vasily Chirkin (Advisor: Janusz Bialek) – Virtual Power Plant on basis of Microgrid 2nd talk: Evgeny Shilov (Advisor: Alexey Cheremisin) – CO2 usage as enhance oil recovery technique
08.02.2017 Prof. Alexei Buchachenko - Project Presentation
15.02.2017 Andrey Churkin (Advisor: Janusz Bialek) – Analysis of interdependencies between Gas and Electric Power systems for optimal dispatching and reliability assessment Abstract
22.02.2017 Prof. Mark Kachanov (Guest lecture) – Writing a scientific paper – comments of journal editor Abstract
01.03.2017 Grigoriy Starkov (Advisors: Anatoly Dymarsky, Boris Fine) – Clusterization method for simulation of spin dynamics  Abstract
15.03.2017 1st talk: Vasily Chirkin (Advisors: Janusz Bialek, Federico Ibanez) – Voltage instability in microgrids with large proportion of induction motors Abstract 2nd talk: Nikolai Miturev (Advisor: Mikhail Spasennykh) – Kerogen thermal destruction Abstract

Course coordinators: Prof. Alexei Buchachenko (), Anna Sharova ()
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