Energy Science and Technology

Energy-driven challenges of the 21st century are complex and interconnected, often in surprising ways. Skoltech’s Energy program trains Master’s of Science graduates to deal with the global energy agenda, including energy sources, energy transformations, energy transport, energy storage and energy uses. The program delivers an interdisciplinary mix of engineering and natural sciences that is unique for the universities in Russia and beyond. Other core aspects of the program are industry immersion and the entrepreneurship and innovation component.

Master’s of Science students in the Energy program have the choice to follow one of the following five educational tracks:

In-depth education in one track is complemented by elective education in the remaining four.
Educational activities in each of the above tracks are strongly intertwined with the research activities at Skoltech’s Center for Energy Systems, Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery, Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage, and Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials.
The Industrial Immersion component of the Energy program involves a set of faculty-supervised industrial experiences for multidisciplinary student teams working on problems of real interest to the companies in which they are embedded.
The Energy program further includes an Innovation Workshop, an entrepreneurship and innovation core course and elective innovation projects in later terms.

The choice of a track means that, by the end of the Master program, the student must complete at least five technical core courses specified by each track (see the above links).  Students are allowed to substitute a core course by another comparable or more advanced course, subject to the approval by the academic advisor.  Students are also allowed to switch their tracks provided they submit a feasible study plan and receive the approval by the Education Office.

In addition to the track-specific requirements, each student is required to satisfy Skoltech-wide requirements, which include a balanced mixture of elective courses, two entrepreneurship-and-innovation courses and an industry project. Elective courses may include specialized courses within the chosen track, supervised individual research, as well as non-track-specific courses.  Students are advised to broaden their horizons by selecting elective courses on the subjects different from their main concentration.

They, in particular, can take advantage of computational/mathematical courses, engineering courses and biomedical courses offered by other Skoltech’s programs.

Skoltech Faculty affiliated with the Energy Program include: Artem AbakumovNatalia Berloff, Janusz Bialek, Aldo BischiAlexey Buchachenko,  Marwan Charara, Mikhail ChertkovDenis DemchenkoVladimir DrachevAnatoly Dymarsky, Boris Fine, Ildar Gabitov, Nikolay Gippius, Albert Nasibulin, Vasili Perebeinos, Mikhail Skvortsov, Keith Stevenson, Sergei TretiakPavel TroshinAlexander Ustinov, and Andrii Zhugayevich.

External lecturers of Energy courses (in the recent past or near future):

  • L. Butov (University of California at San Diego)
  • A. Glasmeir (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • J. Killough (Texas A&M University)
  • J. Kirtley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • L. Levitov (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • S. Low (California Institute of Technology)
  • S. Tikhodeev (General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences)
  • B. Tohidi (Heriot-Watt University)
  • K. Turitsyn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • P. Vorobev (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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