Material science/Chemistry

Attention Prospective AY 2017-2018 Students: Please refer to educational program information on the Admissions webpage for information related to the next academic year.

Materials Science is an interdisciplinary educational track at Skoltech. Being logistically a part of Energy Science and Technology focus area, the track relates to research activities in other areas including space, biology, computations. The educational program builds upon several courses taught by faculty members of Research Centers (CREI) in Electrochemical Energy Storage, Photonics and Quantum Materials, Design, Manufacturing and Materials.

In addition to the specialized expertise, the program delivers an interdisciplinary mix of engineering and natural sciences that is unique for the universities in Russia and beyond. Other core aspects of the program are industry immersion and the entrepreneurship and innovation component. All courses are taught in English. Skoltech offers international environment and the opportunities for students to visit foreign universities and international conferences.

In Russian education system the track is indexed as 22.04.01 “Материаловедение и технологии материалов. Профиль: Материалы для электроники, хранения и преобразования энергии”

The educational program consists of core and elective courses as detailed below:

Core courses

  • Survey of Materials (Term 1B)
  • Materials Chemistry (Term 3)
  • Introduction to Solid State Physics (Term 2)

Recommended elective courses in Experimental Materials Science

(Contact person: Artem Abakumov)

  • Material Structure Characterization Methods (Term 2)
  • Organic Materials for Electronics, Photonics, Energy Generation and Storage (Term 3)
  • Carbon Nanomaterials (Term 4)
  • Electrochemistry: Fundamentals to Applications (Term 4)
  • Structure and Property of Materials (Term 3)

Recommended elective courses in Computational Materials Science

(Contact person: Andriy Zhugayevych)

  • Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling (Term 2)
  • Structure and Property of Materials (Term 3)
  • Fundamentals of Device Physics (Term 3)
  • Advanced Solid State Physics (Term 2)
  • Graphene-Based Materials (Term 4)

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