Quantum Materials/Solid-State Physics

Attention Prospective AY 2017-2018 Students: Please refer to educational program information on the Admissions webpage for information related to the next academic year.

General description
This track trains researchers with expertise in the properties of quantum materials and their technological applications. Quantum materials are solids and other man-made collections of objects exhibiting essentially quantum behavior.

In addition to the specialized expertise, the program delivers an interdisciplinary mix of engineering and natural sciences that is unique for the universities in Russia and beyond. Other core aspects of the program are industry immersion and the entrepreneurship and innovation component. All courses are taught in English. Skoltech offers international  environment and the opportunities for students to visit foreign universities and international conferences.

Core courses

  • Introduction to Solid-State Physics
  • Introduction to Device Physics
  • Carbon Nanomaterials
  • Survey of Materials
  • Advanced Solid-State Physics

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation component
It includes two courses, one of which is the Innovation Workshop – a trademark Skoltech course introducing newly enrolled students to the culture of entrepreneurship and technological innovation.

Industry internship
8-week full-time internship in one of Russian or foreign companies.

Elective courses and individual research projects
You choose elective courses that fit best your career plans.

Master thesis
Master thesis is the central part of the program. Skoltech professors offering Master projects in Quantum Materials/Solid-State Physics are:

N. Berloff
A. Buchachenko
B. Fine
P. Lagoudakis
A. Nasibulin
V. Perebeinos
V. Skvortsov
S. Tretiak
A. Zhugayevych

They are affiliated either with the Center for Photonics and Quantum Materials or with the Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage.
The program is accredited in the framework of the educational standard of Russian Federation 03.04.01 Applied mathematics and physics.
Students also have opportunity to enroll into the double-degree program with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.