Space Science and Technology

Attention Prospective AY 2017-2018 Students: Please refer to educational program information on the Admissions webpage for information related to the next academic year.

Skoltech educates students to a holistic view of space missions, including space engineering and space science, and enables hands-on experience in space engineering by providing research opportunities for the development of state-of-the-art payloads and instrumentation, to be flown on partner spacecraft and as experiments on board the International Space Station.

Curriculum components cover space systems engineering, satellite engineering, space instrument design, space science, as well as human space flight, automation/robotics, and space physiology and medicine, and the entrepreneurship, innovation, and commercialization of space-related technologies.

The pilot M.Sc. program was launched in fall 2014. Students in this first cohort will have an important voice in shaping the learning experience.

Curriculum Goals

  1. Educate students to master a deep working knowledge of scientific and engineering fundamentals;
  2. Educate scientists and engineers to lead in the creation and operation of new human, robotic, and satellite systems and payloads mainly for Earth and cis lunar missions;
  3. Promote transitional research, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  4. Implement a robust assessment process to continuously study and improve the proposed integrated model. Education will be further enhanced by the use of parallel concurrent engineering design facilities that will empower students to carry out collaborative design projects from multiple locations.

Key areas for space study and research:

Space systems architecture and spacecraft (payload) engineering
Space data
Long-term human space exploration

The Space program areas listed above lend themselves to interdisciplinary study and cross-area research. Consequently, they may be offered jointly with Skoltech’s Biomedical, Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, and Information Science and Technology programs. As Skoltech’s research centers become established, some of the crosscutting research related to Skoltech’s Space Science and Technology program may include:

  • Advanced materials. Developing and manufacturing with advanced composite materials and materials for structural, biological, and electronic applications;
  • Computational and data-intensive science and engineering. Modeling complex systems and designing tools and software for data-intensive analysis, data visualization, and scientific computing;
  • Human engineering and cognition. Optimizing designs, processes, and systems for people’s use, maximizing ease-of-use, and addressing social and human factors.

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