Student Council

The Skoltech Student Council is recognized by the university administration as the official voice of the student body. This group is a representative student-elected body that offers a forum to address all kinds of campus issues, and an opportunity for students to become involved in the university community.


  • To provide a formal means of communication among students and organize a forum for discussion of issues of concern to students
  • To organize and hold selection process of students for appointment to institution
  • To provide for and promote students extra-curricular activities
  • To organize a set of welcoming and orientation sessions for new students
  • To own and manage property and accounts which will assist in securing the above objectives

Current Members – Academic Year 2015-2016

Student Board



Student Panel

PhD Representative International Students Representative
Master Students’ Representative

Chairperson for Students’ Activities

General responsibilities of the Officers, Committee Chairs, and Student Representatives

  • Regularly (once per month) hold Student Council meetings
  • Vote on behalf of students
  • Be involved in all academic events and extracurricular activities
  • Regularly (at least once per month) inform students about discussions held and decisions made by the Council: short report/ forward of meeting minutes/ direct conversations
  • Serve to the best of students’ welfare.


Election processes:

The student council is organized according to its constitution (PDF) and relative bylaws (PDF) established by Skoltech students.