Skoltech Launches Biomedical Program

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology has announced a new program in Biomedical Science and Technology to educate leading graduate students. The university is inviting applications from entrepreneurial scientists in Russia and abroad for the 2013-2014 academic year.

This fall marks Skoltech’s second admissions cycle. The new master’s program joins existing programs in Energy Science and Technology and Information Science and Technology, both of which opened to entrepreneurial students this month.

The programs are developed in a collaborative approach with professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and around the world. The multidisciplinary courses within them integrate scientific and technical fundamentals while cultivating the skills necessary for innovation.

Director of Student Affairs, Bram Caplan: “Despite our recent founding, the university already has a strong experience in recruiting students. Our first classes began this year, and I have been very impressed with the academic strength of these students. Over half the students in both the Energy and Information Science and Technology programs received degrees with honors from top Russian universities. In this cycle, we will strengthen that tradition and seek out the best entrepreneurial-minded students who will impact Russia and the world.”

Skoltech accepts students who have attained at least an undergraduate degree in engineering, mathematics, applied sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, or related fields.

The admissions process consists of two rounds: an online application at due January 15 and a semifinalist Selection Weekend.

From the pool of applicants, semifinalists are invited to Selection Weekend at Skoltech for two days of group activities and individual interviews. During the weekend, the admissions committee evaluates students not only on their academics, but also on their problem-solving skills, communication skills, ability to work in teams, value systems, and creativity.
Selection Weekends are conducted in English, students continually collaborate in group activities, and expert entrepreneurs guide them through a module on technology transfer. Through this stringent process, Skoltech is building a vibrant and diverse community of scholars and researchers from all over the world.

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