Long-Lived Quantum Coherences In Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Under Weak-Field Incoherent Illumination

Quantum Coherences Tomogrpahy. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Quantum Coherences Tomogrpahy. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

We are pleased to invite you to the next Solid State Physics seminar.

When: 3 December,  16:30

Where: Beijing-1, Moscow School of Management

Title:  Long-lived quantum coherences in photosynthetic light harvesting under weak-field incoherent illumination

Speaker:  Dr.  Timur Tscherbul, Chemical Physics Theory Group and Center for Quantum Information and Quantum Control, Department of Chemistry, University of Toronto


We use an efficient theoretical method based on the Bloch-Redfield quantum master equation to study the dynamics of multilevel quantum systems (atoms, quantum dots, and biomolecules) weakly illuminated by solar light. We find analytical solutions to the master equation for the V-type system and observe long-lived noise-induced quantum coherences in the regime where the excited level splitting is small compared to the radiative decay width. We explore the role of these coherences in cis-trans photoisomerization of retinal in rhodopsin (the primary step in vision), their dynamical effects on excitonic energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes, and their possible applications in photovoltaics.
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