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Seminar: “Electrochemical Microscopy: a Lab-on-a-Tip”

MomotenkoWe are glad to invite you to a seminar by Dr. Dmitry Momotenko, titled “Electrochemical Microscopy: a Lab-on-a-Tip”

When: December 22, 2015, 13.30 – 15.00
Where: TPOC-3, Room 403

Seminar abstract

Characterization of materials for energy conversion, catalysis and sensing along with fundamental understanding of processes and equilibria that occur at such interfaces is a major challenge for contemporary science and technology. Recent developments in scanning electrochemical probe methods (SEPMs) allow to access details of a variety of chemical events with high resolution, sensitivity and a high degree of control for measurement and manipulation over these processes. In this lecture, a detailed overview of pioneering SEPMs will be provided and extensively exemplified on probing heterogeneities of local chemical reactivity, structure and surface charge, which determine function of materials and interfaces at all levels, from molecules to complex life forms such as living cells. In particular, the focus will be on scanning electrochemical and scanning ion conductance microscopes for localized chemical analysis, stimulant/reagent delivery, surface modification, and measurements at diffusion layers on active sites and electrical double layers at inert, electrified and bio-interfaces. New frontiers of electrochemical microscopy will be illustrated by unprecedented video recording capabilities, which offer a new dimension for imaging and characterization of chemical properties at interfaces.

Speaker introduction

Dr. Dmitry Momotenko graduated from M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, in 2009. He then received his PhD from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL,  Switzerland) in 2013, where he was working with Prof. Hubert Girault on the development of novel electrochemical probes for electrochemical microscopy. During his studies Dmitry was awarded for his excellence in teaching at EPFL. After completion of his PhD, he joined Prof. Patrick Unwin’s Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group at the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, where he received the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship from European Commission for developing functional ion conductance sensing platforms. Dmitry is interested in techniques for high resolution imaging, local chemical analysis, micro/nanofabrication and self-assembly at interfaces. By now Dmitry is the author of 25 research articles in high-rank peer-reviewed chemistry journals.

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