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On Sunday July 28, 2019, Skoltech held its first TEDx event in the history of the Institute. TEDx is a part of TED Talks, the “x” standing for “independently organized TED event.” TED is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to spreading ideas in the form of short but powerful talks that do not exceed 18 minutes. The goal is to bring ideas on culture, science, business, technology and global issues, across cultures and nations. The title, “TED,” stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, which certainly falls within Skoltech’s framework. In 2012, TED reached its billionth view, and this goes to show just how significant it is to have a TEDx Talk at our young university.

The event took place over the course of a day, with nine speakers and a 5-hour YouTube livestream, and the varied topics evoking inspiration through talks on entrepreneurship, bioinformatics, science, creative writing and many more.


Image: Ivan Bakaidov


Skoltech TEDx Speakers

1. Alexei Statsenko – Alexei is an aircraft inventor, a developer of the first Russian jetpack, a top author on Habr and a co-author of the idea for a crowdsourcing satellite. During TEDxSkoltech, Alex spoke about his ambitious project to create a jetpack.

2. Nikolai Vyakhhi – Nikolai is the founder and general director of the largest Russian-language online course platform, Stepik. He is also the Director of the Bioinformatics Institute, and conducted research in the field of genomic data analysis.

3. Dmitry Kulish – Dmitry is an entrepreneur, investor, candidate of biological sciences, a Skoltech professor, and a writer. He creates startups and consults pharmaceutical and blockchain companies, he publishes about life and business, and runs Skoltech’s largest training course, “Innovation Workshop,” in which he teaches actively.

4. Ivan Bakaidov – Ivan, a programmer with cerebral palsy from St. Petersburg, created the programs, “LINKa: write,” “LINKa: show,” and “LINKa: press,” which are for people with speech difficulties. He is also a second-place winner of the Russian Bocche championship, a rights defender and a public speaker.

5. Ekaterina Vysokovskaya – Ekaterina is a product manager at Yandex search, a graduate of both the economics faculty of MSU and the Antwerp management school, as well as the creator of the home community, “house_mika.”

6. Bogdan Kirillov – Bogdan is a graduate of ITMO and Skoltech, the author of the telegram-channel, “Bioinformatika i lapki.” He was a member of the Skoltech Science Slam, 2019.

7. Alexandra Elbakyan – Alexandra is a researcher in the field of neurocomputer technologies. She is the creator of the site, Sci-Hub, which provides free access to scientific literature.

8. Anton Bozhedarov – Anton is a student of the Skoltech faculty of Information Science and Technology; he completed MFTI, and is a leader in training and acting.

9. Dmitry Iuanov – Dmitry is a writer, traveler, blogger, public speaker and is the author of the book, “Vokrug Sveta in 100 dney i 100 rublei.” He is the founder of the travel company, “Saperavi Run.” He is a graduate of MEPhI.

We would like to offer congratulations to the organizers and the speakers for creating such a great event! To see more images, check out our Instagram page.

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