The Third Summer School on Nonlinear Photonics begins at Skoltech

The Nonlinear Photonics Summer School kicked off at Skoltech on Monday, August 12. The purpose of the 5-day event is to bring together the world’s leading experts in the field of photonics, emerging technologies and applications, and early-stage researchers. It aims to address problems in across multiple fields of photonics and offers students the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, and to network and gain inspiration from leading professionals working at the cutting edge of photonic science and technology.

The first summer school took place in 2017 in Perm within the framework of the all-Russian conference on fiber optics. The Novosibirsk State University organized the second of its kind in Akademgorodok in 2018.

The topics include laser science and technology, fiber optics, photonic materials and meta-materials, telecommunications, multi-photon bio-imaging, nonlinear photonics for quantum technologies, sensing, spectroscopy, solitons, mid-IR technology and other themes.

Lecture content comprises of fundamental theory, experiment and applications and invited speakers will give 1-hour lectures over the course of 5 days. Up to 40 early stage researchers are participating (both PhD and post-doctoral). The list of speakers can be found at the summer school website.


Image by Timur Sabirov.


Organizing Committee
1. F. Kueppers (Skoltech) – school co-director
2. I. Gabitov (University of Arizona, Skoltech) – school co-director
3. K. Turitsyn (Aston University, NSU) – school co-director
4. N.Gippius (Skoltech)
5. A.Redyuk (NSU, Institute of Computational Technologies)

Program Committee
1. F. Kueppers (Skoltech)
2. I.R. Gabitov (University of Arizona, Skoltech)
3. M.P. Fedoruk (NSU)
4. A. Redyuk (NSU, Institute of Computational Technologies)
5. S.K. Turitsyn (Aston University, NSU)
6. S.A. Babin, (Institute of Automation and Electrometry, NSU)
7. V.A. Burdin (Povolzhskaya State Academy of Telecommunication and Informatics)
8. V.P. Drachev (Skoltech, University of North Texas)
9. L.A. Melnikov (Saratov State Technical University)
10. I. Isaenko (NSU)
11. N.N. Rosanov (Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics University, Vavilov State Optical Institute)
12. S.L. Semenov (Fiber Optics Research Center)
13. Shelemba (Inversia-Sensor)
14. A.B. Taychenachev (Institute of Laser Physics, NSU)
15. V.B. Tsvetkov (A.M Prokhorov General Physics Institute)
16. A. M. Zheltikov (Moscow State University, Russian Quantum Center, Texas A&M University)

Contact information:
Skoltech Communications
+7 (495) 280 14 81

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