Lecture “Towards quantum cosmology on quantum computer”

We invite you to a lecture “Towards quantum cosmology on quantum computer” on Tuesday, November 19, 1pm. 
This talk aims to present first results towards the use of quantum computers as “experiments setups” to test quantum cosmology. We will focus on the case of vacuum Universe with a compact phase space.
Danilo Artigas is a 1st year PhD student at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, and the University Paris-Saclay, Paris. He is a member of the Quantum Cosmos Lab, a scientific group exploring the interface between quantum mechanics and gravitational physics. Danilo mostly focuses on quantum gravity and quantum cosmology, its possible empirical consequences and analog models. In particular, he is investigating a new approach, which generalizes field theories to the case non-linear phase spaces (in particular, compact).
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