Saudi Aramco representative met with CDISE scientists

A representative from Saudi Aramco’s Moscow Research Center visited Skoltech to meet with CDISE scientists and researchers. Saudi Aramco’s global research network has facilities in target innovation hubs such as the United States, Europe, and Asia. The goal is for technology development and research and Skoltech was no exception to this.

He listened to presentations on Electromagnetic forward and inverse problems, ADASE group research areas (E. Burnaev), Polymers in heterogeneous porous networks (A.Vishnyakov/S.Sosnin), polymer glasses, HPC application (Sergey Rykovanov), and the Oseledets group areas of research (Georgy Ovchinnikov). The target areas of application of data use and AI research are drilling optimization, production monitoring, geology characterization, reservoir exploration, petrophysical interpretation, seismic interpretation, and core analysis.

Saudi Aramco is seeking out means related to artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the energy production.

This follows recent positive developments between Russia and Saudi Arabia:

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