Maxim Fedorov Takes Part in a Debate on the Ethics of AI at the UNESCO General Conference


Image: UNESCO General Conference Plenary Session.

A Russian delegation headed by the Russian Minister of Science and Higher Education Mikhail Kotyukov, and including the Russian Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Vershinin, Skoltech President Alexander Kuleshov and Professor Maxim Fedorov attended the 40th Session of the UNESCO General Conference. President Kuleshov and Professor Fedorov were invited as technical experts to discuss issues related to artificial intelligence.

On November 21, Maxim Fedorov took part in an SHS Commission debate to discuss the issue of the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Russia was among the 44 member states that took the floor, along with two observers – the Holy See and the Centre Catholique International de Cooperation avec l’UNESCO. The program document titled, “Preliminary study on a possible standard-setting instrument on the ethics of artificial intelligence,” was the main topic of debate.

There was unanimous support for the expansion of a standard-setting instrument on the ethics of artificial intelligence by UNESCO. The delegates highlighted the need for the consultation process to include all interested parties, particularly civil society organizations. The delegates also placed emphasis on considering developing countries in order to avoid inequalities, and called for a human rights based approach alignment with ongoing initiatives on the ethics of artificial intelligence conducted by other international bodies.

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