The Landscape of Academic Literature in Quantum Information Technologies

In this study, we investigated the academic literature in quantum information technologies (QIT) using bibliometric tools. In the first part, we used a set of 50,822 articles obtained from the Web of Science (WoS) using a search query constructed through expert opinion. Analysis of this section revealed that QIT is deeply rooted in physics, and over 80% of the articles are published in physics journals. Additionally, it has been observed that the number of published scientific articles are almost on par for the US, China, and Europe. Furthermore, a keyword analysis revealed that the literature could be clustered into three distinct sets, which are (i) quantum communication/cryptography, (ii) quantum computation, and (iii) physical realizations of quantum systems. Finally, for the first section, a burst analysis showed the emergence and fading away of certain key concepts in the literature. In the second part, we focused on 808 ‘highly cited’ articles provided by the WoS. Using co-citation analysis, we devised a set of core corpus of 34 publications. Finally, for the second set, using bibliographic coupling, we mapped collaboration networks on the country and institutional levels.


Zeki Seskir is a researcher from METU in Ankara/Turkey, and the founder/manager of QTurkey community. He has two M.Sc. degrees, one in physics and another in science and technology policy studies, and he is continuing his Ph.D. studies in the physics department. His research interests cover technical, commercial, educational, and policy aspects of quantum information science and technologies.

He is currently employed at METU Physics Department.
His primary focus is to expand the studies on quantum information science and technology to previously unexplored realms beyond technical studies in physics and computer science and applying multi-disciplinary approaches to the field.

Finally, he is actively contributing to science communication efforts in quantum technologies, running a blog with more than 15,000 visitors monthly, and a Twitter account with 2,500+ followers.

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