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Poisons: a threat or a boon?

People have been intrigued by poisons since the beginning of time. Over thousands of years, poisons were used as a weapon, an escape from punishment and even as proof of eternal love.

Although virtually instant killers, poisons serve a noble cause by helping create effective painkillers and anesthetics. Medical scientists across the globe are busy studying the broad diversity of poisonous chemical compounds trying to grasp how they save or kill living cells.


What is a poison? What is the chemical structure of a poison? Which organisms use their deadly weapons and how do they do that? Can modern methods help recognize a poison? How can poisons help study the nervous system?

To get answers to these questions and learn more about poisons, join the online lecture by Maria Yarina, a biologist and a researcher at Skoltech.

Maria Yarina, a researcher at Skoltech, graduated from the Department of Biology at Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in mycology. The focus of her current research at the Gause Institute of New Antibiotics is the biologically active polysaccharides of basidiomycetes.


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