Skoltech’s OpenUNB wireless protocol will be backed by GoodWAN’s hardware

GoodWAN, a Russian developer and manufacturer of IoT solutions, has joined the consortium founded by the Skoltech-based National Technology Initiative (NTI) Center of Excellence (CoE) in Wireless Technology (WT) and the Internet of Things (IoT). As a Consortium member and industry partner, GoodWAN will provide support for the OpenUNB protocol on its hardware.

The OpenUNB IoT protocol developed by NTI CoE has a provisional status of the National Standard of the Russian Federation. GoodWAN experts were members of the industry task force that reviewed OpenUNB.


OpenUNB combines the best of both worlds: as an open protocol (similar to LoRaWAN), it is aimed at a wide market and provides wide coverage and more penetration which benefits from narrow bandwidth comparable to SigFox, while boasting the same or better performance in many other ways:

  • Bandwidth − over 10 times that of LoRaWAN;
  • Autonomous operation − up to 15 years; battery usage − 2-3 times more efficient than LoRaWAN and SigFox;
  • Range − up to 40 km; coverage – 3-4 times larger compared to LoRaWAN, all other things being equal;
  • Advanced data encryption – as good as in LoRaWAN and much better than in SigFox.

Dmitry Lakontsev, Director of NTI CoE: “We are happy to start our partnership with GoodWAN. OpenUNB meets the best Russian and international standards and outperforms the existing NB and UNB open telecommunication standards. A market leader in the development and commercialization of network solutions, GoodWAN boasts a team of professionals with an impressive track record in manufacturing and sales. Now we can build OpenUNB networks based on GoodWAN’s hardware and rely on the company’s extensive partner network in commercializing our solutions.

Our belief, fully shared by GoodWAN, is that the future of telecommunications lies with open solutions. This is the core idea behind OpenUNB which was created and reviewed in consultation with a broad community of industry players. Also, this is the reason to expect that the OpenUNB ecosystem will make headway in utility network management, industry, and agriculture and forestry solutions.

Finally, this is an excellent example of how the NTI CoE Consortium works. Thanks to collaboration with our industrial partners, we can launch ambitious projects, take research achievements to market and develop advanced technology.”

Denis Muravyov, General Director of GoodWAN: “Combining our expertise in radio solutions and NTI CoE’s competencies will help create an optimal solution for the IoT segment. GoodWAN’s radio protocol along with data encryption and dynamic coding solutions have been made available to the NTI CoE Consortium. By joining these elements with NTI CoE’s impressive expertise in signal-code sequences, we expect to come up with a perfect LPWAN solution for both Russian and global markets. The new solution will be open, safe, cheap and free of limitations typical for the world’s most common systems, such as LoRa and SigFox. Leveraging our vast hands-on experience in implementing our solutions in Russia and beyond, we are working together with NTI CoE to align the OpenUNB technology with the real market needs.”

Contact information:
Skoltech Communications
+7 (495) 280 14 81

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