Skoltech Lecture Hub at invites you to Professor Lukyanov’s lecture “The secrets of the fluorescent proteins”

Wildlife is full of colors that are a delight to the eye and a subject of unfailing interest for scientists. Some organisms are brightly colored, while others can emit light. What structures and molecules create color? What is the biological role of color? Can this knowledge be used in practice?


The discovery of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) in jellyfish triggered a real technological revolution in biology. In the 1990s, scientists started using GFP as a “beacon” when studying and visualizing various processes in a living cell. It was found later that GFP can change color from green to red if exposed to light. Is there a reason why it should do it? Did it change color for the same reason when it first appeared in a distant past when no one around had eyes to detect fluorescence?


A scholar with 20 years’ experience in studying and using fluorescent proteins, Konstantin Lukyanov will talk about GFP encountered in marine species and show how this fascinating protein can be introduced into modes of living systems.

Konstantin Lukyanov is a Doctor of Science in Biology, a Professor at Skoltech, and an Associate Member of RAS.

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