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CHR Laboratory’s qualifications re-confirmed by a new ILC round

snimok-ekrana-2020-12-17-v-9-20-36The qualifications of the Laboratory of the Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery (CHR) have been re-confirmed by round-robin tests, or Interlaboratory Comparisons (ILC), conducted by the “Kompetentnost” Metrology, Consulting and Testing Center, an independent expert organization, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17043.

The participating laboratories were provided with samples of an unknown mixture to measure the content of nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, hexane, heptane, carbon dioxide, isobutane, isopentane, oxygen, methane, n-butane, n-pentane, octane, ethane, and propane with required accuracy.

The CHR Laboratory successfully measured all the parameters, staying within the established error limits, and received no alert or action messages in the process.

ILC involve a set of tests designed to ensure unbiased evaluation of a laboratory’s proficiency. ILC providers are reputable metrological organizations that have the required competencies and accreditations according to ISO/IEC 17043. The participating laboratories receive encrypted samples with precisely defined properties that remain undisclosed until the end of the tests.

Participation in ILC is mandatory for all the laboratories accredited with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).

Aleksandr Borisov, Head of Unconventional Petrophysics Laboratory (CHR)

 “For our laboratory, this marks another big step towards being accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. CHR management are making their best effort to achieve compliance with this standard by verifying and calibrating the Lab’s measuring instrumentation, verifying and obtaining certifications for measurement procedures and testing equipment, purchasing certified reference devices, implementing quality control procedures, and so on. Interlaboratory comparisons provide the most objective assessment of the quality of research pursued by a laboratory, and our success in ILS proves that these efforts are bearing fruit.”


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