Artificial Intelligence: can you make your own terminator?

Skoltech at Tochka Kipeniya presents: a lecture by Alexey Zaytsev

skoltech_tochka-kipeniya_-3_1064x570-eng-correctTwenty years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could hardly compete with humans: it was a poor Go and chess player and had difficulty translating text or telling a cat from a dog in a photo. Today, AI outperforms humans in many tasks, excelling in chess and Go by making decisions beyond human comprehension. AI automates many routine processes, which suggests that it will soon learn to drive cars, trucks and farm machines, handle customer calls, wait tables, and do accounting.

But is the current AI technology smart enough to replace humans? What are the risks of using AI? Where is the limit for its capabilities? What is on AI’s “mind” and how will it evolve over the next decade? 

Alexey Zaytsev  is a PhD in Physics and Mathematics, an Assistant Professor at the Skoltech
Center for Computational and Data-Intensive Science and Engineering (CDISE), and Head of the Skoltech-Sberbank Joint Laboratory (LARSS).

Offline at Moscow, Maly Konyushkovsky pereulok, 2, 3rd floor. Registration

A live stream of the lecture will be available at YouTube and VKontakte. Registration

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