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Skoltech scientist authored a book on Water and Ice published by Springer Nature

Water is a key component of life, a reference liquid for bio/electrochemistry, and an important driver of many atmospheric phenomena. A new book by Skoltech scientist, entitled “The Electrodynamics of Water and Ice” discusses the mechanism of interaction of electromagnetic waves with water and moist substances at different thermodynamic and boundary conditions. A special focus is made on the molecular-level description of electric conductivity, dielectric constant, microwave absorption and infrared activity of water, ice and beyond. “In five interconnected chapters I discuss the electromagnetic waves interaction with water, ice, and moist substances, considering the details of the microscopic mechanism behind the dielectric response. I consider well-established classic views on the structure of water and ice along with fresh new insights related to atomic and molecular dynamics, with a particular reference to nanofluidics, atmospheric science, and electrochemistry”, said the author Dr. Vasily Artemov  senior research scientist from the Center for Energy Science and Technology. The book will be interested for a wide audience of physicists, electrochemists, geophysicists, engineers, biophysicists, and general scientists who work on the electromagnetic radiation interaction with water in its various forms. The book is available online on the Springer website, as well as soon in the Skoltech library.


Springer Nature is the world’s largest academic book publisher, publisher of the world’s most influential journals and a pioneer in the field of open research.

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