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Molecular Oncology course co-organized by Skoltech

The Molecular Oncology course delivered by the International Medical Cluster (IMC), Skoltech and UNIM from March to May has just come to a close.

The course included 8 lectures focusing on the molecular pathogenesis of cancer and advanced approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms.

The leading scientists and doctors presented modern concepts, genetic and molecular aspects of carcinogenesis and discussed disorders in the cell cycle during malignant transformation, as well as hereditary, biological, chemical and physical factors that increase the risk of malignant neoplasms.

The course also featured a set of topics related to diagnosis and treatment, such as common methods of molecular diagnostics of tumors and their evolution, tumor markers, advances in targeted drugs, and innovative treatment methods.

“I believe it is important for physicians and especially practicing oncologists to understand the basic principles of molecular biology. I hope that our course helped elucidate the theoretical foundations of carcinogenesis and taught our students to confidently use innovative methods in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, follow up-to-date publications on the topic, and thoughtfully interpret the results of genetic and immunohistochemical tests. I really wish the advances of theoretical molecular oncology to help patients in practice,” says Vera Rybko, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Deputy Director of the Skoltech Center for Life Sciences (CLS), and one of the course speakers.

“Introduction of advanced medical and educational technologies and practices in the Russian healthcare is one of IMC’s primary tasks. The Molecular Oncology course that we presented jointly with Skoltech and UNIM exemplifies the best practices by promoting advanced molecular oncology that helps comprehend the molecular mechanisms of tumor formation and create new effective tumor diagnostics and treatment approaches. Our impressive audience of over 1,000 students is indicative of the high relevance of the topic,” IMC General Director Ildar Khairullin comments.

The target audience included oncologists, pathologists, biologists, researchers, residents and students of medical universities in Russia, the C.I.S., Europe (Sweden, Finland, Spain) and the United States. Each class was attended by 250 to 400 students.

At the end of the course, the students passed the final certification and were presented with certificates of advanced training.

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