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Skoltech and Panasonic successfully test video hardware in 5G network

Skoltech’s Leading Research Center for Fifth-Generation Communication Technologies (LRC 5G) and Panasonic Russia have tested video and streaming equipment in a 5G private network, with the center’s specialists deploying the communication infrastructure. Skoltech engineers noted that the solution developed at LRC 5G — a base station and network core — delivered ultrahigh definition video streaming on par with commercial-grade 5G networks. Panasonic experts stressed that integrating 5G with remote production simplifies video content creation and makes it cheaper, amounting to a breakthrough for sportscasts and other live event coverage.


In the experiments, the team used streaming solutions — Panasonic AJ-CX4000/AG-CX350 streaming cameras connected to a 5G smartphone — to transmit ultrahigh-definition video with 2160/50p resolution at 75 megabits per second under the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard.

The tests relied on the Secure Reliable Transport protocol of Haivision and employed LiveU LU800 mobile transceivers with data-stream aggregation support, aka bonding. This enabled a simultaneous connection of several 5G SIM cards to operate in multiple-camera mode. Panasonic and Israel-based LiveU are global partners providing equipment and joint solutions used at top-level international sporting events, such as the Tokyo Olympics.



By virtue of its high data rates and low latency, the 5G standard opens up new opportunities for Panasonic to improve the quality and functionality of the devices and solutions it offers. 5G networks enable remote production and livestreaming from multiple cameras via cloud services, making it possible to send in a few camera operators and engineers to cover an event, rather than dispatching a mobile TV station with a large crew. The broadcast is controlled remotely from a permanent studio receiving the signal over the 5G network.

Engineers from Panasonic and Skoltech have also tested the compatibility and channel load of the 5G network in Skolkovo. Panasonic WV-X1571LN video surveillance cameras were used — these have 4K resolution and built-in AI detection, face and object recognition.

The head of LRC 5G, Vitaly Shub, commented: “The partnership with Panasonic is another step LRC 5G is taking toward creating 5G networks with Russian hardware and software and implementing new services for companies from different industries. Our tests involved a thorough analysis of both the quality and the rate of UHD video transmission in Skoltech’s private network. The findings demonstrate the advanced level of our 5G tech. The solution is perfectly suited to the challenging conditions faced by TV broadcasting and streaming teams working on location, and it matches the performance of commercial-grade networks. Looking ahead, we have plans to deploy a standalone 5G network and invite colleagues for a new round of testing.”


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