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History of telling time: from sundial to atomic clock

Over the centuries, measuring time has come a long way from falling water droplets, hourglasses, and mechanical clocks to ultra-precise and stable quantum atomic standards.


These days, ultra-precise measurements with atomic clocks are the key elements of various industrial and scientific applications. Optical clocks that use ions captured in a radio frequency trap have revolutionized many tech fields from space navigation, telecommunications, and quantum computing to gravimetry and direct tests of fundamental physics.

Ivan Sherstov will present the history of time-keeping devices from early primitive clocks to modern quantum frequency standards and their current and future applications in research and technology.

Ivan Sherstov,  an experimental physicist and Head of the Skoltech Laboratory for Time and Frequency Research, is a holder of a PhD degree in Physics from the Leibniz University Hannover and an author of several papers on laser manipulation with atoms and molecules.

Skoltech in Gorky Park − a joint science education project of Skoltech and Gorky Park – features the latest discoveries and world-changing solutions and technologies presented by Skoltech’s top scientists in the iconic Moscow park.

Advance registration is required.

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