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Seminar “Nonlinear waves”


Dear Colleagues,

The next ZOOM session of academician V.E. Zakharov seminar “Nonlinear Waves” will be held on Wednesday, June 29th, at 15:30 Moscow time.

Meeting ID: 831 9747 4443
Passcode: 648445

“Dynamics of interaction of solitons’ clouds”

A.M. Kamchatnov, D.V. Shaykin

Institute of Spectroscopy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Abstract: On the basis of connection of the kinetic equation for solitons, which describes interaction of two soliton clouds, with equations of the Chaplygin gas dynamics, we show that the characteristic feature of the solitons gases dynamics is existence of waves propagating without change of their form. We provide several typical solutions of the solitons gases dynamics which allow one to give estimates of the effects of their interaction.

Questions to Andrei Pushkarev,

E.A. Kuznetsov, A.N. Pushkarev


Speaker Title


A.Kamchatnov Dynamics of interaction of solitons clouds
22.06.2022 A.Gelash Bi-solitons in the Dyachenko–Zakharov equation: IST perturbation theory
25.05.2022 S.Dremov Two models for describing 2D Deep Water Waves
04.05.2020 A.Dyachenko Integration of the NLSE with Periodic Boundary Conditions
20.04.2022 L.Smirnov Dynamics of two-dimensional dark solitons in a smoothly inhomogeneous Bose-Einstein condensate. Scattering of vortex-antivortex pairs by a single quantum vortex
06.04.2022 E.Kochurin Direct numerical simulation of weakly dispersive wave turbulence in 3D geometry
23.03.2022 M.Tribelsky Fall of a Particle to the Center of a Singular Potential: Exact results
16.03.2022 Y.Stepanyants Scalar description of three-dimensional flows of incompressible fluid
09.03.2022 I.Sibgatullin Wave attractors in large aspect ratio domains
02.03.2022 A.Petrov Exact and asymptotic solutions of free boundary problems
16.02.2022 O.Chkhetiani Helical turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere
09.02.2022 S.Vergeles Effects of finite Rossby number and restricted volume with rigid boundaries on structure of ageostrophic coherent vortex
02.02.2022 A.Shmidt Theoretical-group analysis of two models of free turbulence
17.01.2022 P.M.Lushnikov Statistical properties of a laser beam propagating in a turbulent medium
08.12.2021 E.A. Kuznetsov Collapse of acoustic waves in media with positive dispersion
01.12.2021 A. Gelash Resonant interactions of vector breathers
17.11.2021 A.Mikhailov Quantisation of free associative dynamical systems. Bi-quantisation of stationary KdV hierarchy and Novikov’s equations and non-deformation quantisation of the Volterra sub-hierarchy
10.11.2021 M.Pavlov Non-diagonalisable hydrodynamic type systems integrable by Tsarev’s Generalised Hodograph Method
27.10.2021 D.Agafontsev Growing of integrable turbulence: new results
20.10.2021 M. Pavlov Non-diagonalisable Hydrodynamic Type Systems Integrable by Tsarev’s Generalised Hodograph Method
13.10.21 S.Chefranov Exact solution to the main turbulence problem for a compressible medium and the universal -8/3 law turbulence spectrum of breaking waves
06.10.21 A.V.Mikhailov Quantisation of free associative dynamical systems. Quantisation ideals
29.09.2021 A.Kamchatnov Propagation of instability fronts in modulationally unstable systems
22.09.2021 V.Zakharov Integrable multidimensional generalizations of the chiral field model
02.06.2021 D. Agafontsev Solitonic model of the condensate
26.05.2021 N.N.Rosanov Towards extremely short light pulses
19.05.2021 E.A.Kuznetsov Fine structure of vortex pancakes
28.04.2021 N.M. Zubarev Two Classes of Exact Solutions of the Problem of Unsteady Plane Motion of a Fluid with the Free Surface – Formation of Singularities
14.04.2021 V.Shrira Upper-ocean Ekman currents: a new perspective on the century old problem
07.04.2021 V.E.Zakharov Formation and non-formation of singularity on the surface of ideal fluid without gravity
31.03.2021 S.Dyachenko The Tale of Two Branch Points: Singularities in 2D flows
17.03.2021 E.A.Kuznetsov Breaking in the inviscid boundary layer (continuation)
10.03.2021 A.Mailybaev Hidden spatiotemporal symmetries in turbulence: effects of Galilean invariance
03.03.2021 A.Mailybaev Hidden spatiotemporal symmetries in statistics of turbulence
24.02.2021 E.A. Kuznetsov Breaking in inviscid boundary layer
17.02.2021 A. Pushkarev About ST6 model of wind energy input and wave energy dissipation source terms in operational forecasting of ocean waves
10.02.2021 S.V. Dremov Bound Coherent Structures Propagating on the Free Surface of Deep Water
03.02.2021 Vladimir Yankov Solitons, Vortices, Sun, and Tokamaks as Statistical Attractors
27.01.2021 Gregory Falkovich Fibonacci turbulence
20.01.2021 Sergei K. Turitsyn Intermediate asymptotics in nonlinear systems and coexistence of coherent structures and linear waves
13.01.2021 S. Nazarenko Self-similar evolution in wave turbulence and non-equilibrium
14-15.12.2020 24 speakers Joint seminar “Nonlinear Waves” with Scientific Council “Nonlinear Dynamics” RAS “Nonlinear Session – 20″
02.12.2020 A. Kamchatnov Optico-mechanical analogy and number of solitons
25.11.2020 V.Sirota Stationary scaling in small-scale turbulent dynamo problem
18.11.2020 M.Onorato Thermalization and anomalous correlators in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou chain
11.11.2020 E.Kochurin Numerical Simulation of Collinear Capillary-Wave Turbulence
28.10.2020 Y.Stepanyants The asymptotic approach to the description of two-dimensional soliton patterns
21.10.2020 K.Zybin No feedback is possible in small-scale turbulent magnetic field
14.10.2020 S.Vergeles Steady axial magnetic field maintained in a columnar vortex in a rotating turbulent conducting fluid
07.10.2020 A.Slunyaev Direct numerical simulation of 3D rogue waves
30.09.2020 A.Gelash Solitonic model of the condensate
23.09.2020 R.Mullyadzhanov Solitons in a box-shaped wavefield with noise: perturbation theory and statistics
16.09.2020 P.Lushnikov Motion of singularities in fluid dynamics
09.09.2020 V.E.Zakharov Are the equations of deep water with the free surface integrable?
17.06.2020 E.Pelinovsky Bottom Pressure under Waves in Shallow Waters​
10.06.2020 N.Ussembayev On some new results in the Hamiltonian theory of weakly nonlinear surface waves
03.06.2020 V.Gordin Wind in the boundary layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. Observations and a generalized Ekman-Akkerblom model. The complex coefficient of the turbulent exchange is more adequate
27.05.2020 D.Agafontsev Adiabatically growing integrable turbulence
20.05.2020 A.Minakov Long-time asymptotics for the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation with step-like initial data
13.05.2020 S. Badulin Theory of wave turbulence for satellite altimetry: wave dynamics and climatology remote sensing of sea state
29.04.2020 V. Geogjaev Quadruplet form of Hasselmann equation
22.04.2020  A. Pushkarev Nonlinear Wind Waves Generation in Straits: Laser-Like and Self-Similar Regimes
15.04.2020 D. Kachulin Soliton turbulence in approximate and exact models for deep water waves
08.04.2020 E. Kuznetsov Compressible structures in two-dimensional hydrodynamic systems
01.04.2020 A. Dyachenko Multiple Soliton Interactions on the Surface of Deep Water
25.03.2020 I. Sibgatullin Linear and nonlinear wave attractors in stratified or rotating fluids
18.03.2020 E. Mikhailov Propagation of nonlinear waves in problems of magnetic field generation in the dynamo theory
11.03.2020 A. Gelash Synchronized breather interactions
04.03.2020 E. Prosviryakov Exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations for describing large-scale flows of the oceans and amplification of Stokes waves in a liquid
19.02.2020 V. Zakharov Chain solitons in KP-1 equation