Industrial Immersion

All Master’s students are required to participate in an industrial immersion project during the summer term of the first study year; the aim is to familiarize Skoltech students with the demands of Russian industry and to prepare graduates for job placement.

  • Skoltech student group (3-10 students) is like a small engineering consulting company within an organization.
  • Projects focus on short-term development, manufacturing or operations challenges rather than long-term research problems.
  • Students take the lead in defining the tasks in detail and organize their work, in collaboration with the company supervisor.
  • Duration – 8 weeks (full-time), 12 ECTS credits, graded as Pass/Fail. Credits awarded are Sector credits in the degree requirements.
  • The final results of Industrial Immersion projects should be presented during the poster session on Skoltech Industry Day.


Please see these videos about industrial immersion projects.