ISP 2020-2021 External Instructors

Short Bios of External ISP 2020-2021 Instructors

Full Name Short Bio
Ziad Barouni Founder of International speaker and expert in Entrepreneurship, Storytelling and Critical Thinking. Certified consultant and trainer in media sustainability, content and e-learning. Honored by Crown Prince foundation in Jordan. Honored by Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
Anton Burkov Director of Strategic Litigation Center; Chair of the Center of Comparative Law and Strategic Litigation, the University of Humanities.
Nikolay Dmitrik Candidate of Legal Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Legal Informatics and Cybernetics at Moscow State University
Gregory Falkovich Full Professor, Physics of Complex Systems, Weizmann Institute of Science. Head of Scientists Union at the Weizmann Institute of Science. Deputy chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Novosibirsk State University. Divisional Editor of Phys. Rev. Lett.
Mikhail Grubman CEO & Co-Owner of Atlant Clinical. Successful entrepreneur with specialization in clinical trials, market access with over 10 years’ experience in multinational and national pharmaceutical companies.
Boris Iomdin Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Language Theory. RAS Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language. Degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Lomonosov Moscow State University.
Natalia Mazur Provost, Full Professor (Chair in Visual Studies), Faculty of the History of Arts, European University at Saint Petersburg. PhD in philology. Member of the Academic Council and visiting professor at the Venice International University
Yelena-Minyonok Senior researcher at the Folklore Department of the Institute of World Literature, the head of the Folklore Archive of the Institute of World Literature (Russian Academy of Sciences). Teacher of Russian as a foreign language at the High Theater Institute named after M. S. Shchepkin (Moscow). More than 120 hundred expeditions. The author of more than 70 scientific publications.
Tijana Prodanovic Full Professor at Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad. Science communicator and popularizer. 18 publications in top refereed scientific journals. 12 other publications including a monograph, chapter in a monograph, a university textbook on spectroscopy. More than 30 research talks and posters. Cited more than 300 times.
Bruce Schoor Lean-Agile Software Engineering Executive Coach & Founder. Agility Strategist & Agile Working Trainer-Coach | Founder. Enterprise Agile Coach & Online Educator.
Yosef Shavit Owner of Yozma (Initiative) Consulting. Founder and Director of BGUInnovationLab and Innovation-Gateway (BGU). Founder and CEO of Inno-Negev Technology Accelerator. Serial entrepreneur, enthusiastic innovation-ecosystem promoter and innovation scouter. Lectures around the world, consultations for innovation promoters and eco-system stakeholders.
Stanislav Shpanin Assistant Teaching Professor and Program Manager, Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts, Rutgers University. Board of Trustees and Corporators member for the University of Hartford School of Art
Tatiana Smoliarova PhD in French and Comparative Literature. PhD in Russian Literature. Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Maxim Zhuk Associate Professor, Department of Romance and Germanic Philology, Far Eastern Federal University. Founder, curator and speaker of Educational Project Cultural Intervention. Member of Far Eastern Federal University Alumni Association. Curator and speaker of City Educational Project Beam-5. The Best Lector of Russia Award (Moscow, December 2018).