Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Master of Science Program

Skoltech CDMM

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies program, consisting of formal coursework plus hands-on industry experience, prepares students to assume a role of technical leadership in the product realization industries.

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Key information

Program starts
September 2018
Modes and duration
Full time:
2 years
Tuition fees
No tuition fee
 for the applicants who pass the selection process
Application dates
All applicants:
Open: December 16, 2017
Awarded degree
Master of Science in Information Systems and Technologies
Language of instruction
Program is accredited by the Russian Government, certificate № 2568 from April 14, 2017. License № 2534 from February 7, 2017.
Entry requirements
Successful candidates must have a knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering as well as flexibility to work with teams or individually. Bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent in Physics, Mechanics, Material Science, Engineering, or Applied Mathematics.
English language requirements
If your education has not been conducted in the English language, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.

The Master Program in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies was established with a focus on development and implementation of new simulation-driven design and manufacturing paradigms for development of advanced materials, structures, and engineering systems with enhanced lifecycle, mechanical and physical characteristics demanded in high-tech industries.

Aim and Objectives
The aim of the MS program in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies is to prepare the next generation of researchers, engineers, and practitioners to assume a role of technical leadership in research and innovation of high-tech sector.  The program consists of formal coursework and hands-on innovation, research, and industry experiences providing students multidisciplinary education in simulation-driven product development, advanced manufacturing and materials, and physics/mechanics of advanced materials and technologies.

The comprehensive curriculum includes courses in Simulation-driven (digital) Product Development, Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM), Advanced Manufacturing Processes, Composite and Nanocomposite Materials, Additive and Thermal Spray Technologies, Industrial Robotics, Mechanics, Micromechanics, and Physics of Advanced Manufacturing, Numerical and Optimization Methods in Engineering and Science, which provide an integrated scientific, technological and business perspectives of the high-tech sector. Similar to other Master programs at Skoltech, an Innovation Workshop and other required courses in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation such as Intellectual Property and Technological Innovation complement the core content of the program.

MSc Program Structure


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Learning and professional outcomes

A successful graduate of the program will know and have:

  • High level mathematics, information technology, applied sciences, and engineering;
  • Modern technological methods and tools;
  • Information technology-based manufacturing and product development practices;
  • Advanced materials;
  • Fundamentals in mechanics, micromechanics, and physics of advanced manufacturing and materials;
  • Fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship and ability of interdisciplinary thinking;
  • Vision for the creation of new technologies, design and development of sustainable systems, and development of novel materials.

A successful graduate of the program will be able to:

  • Apply simulation-driven product development paradigm in engineering system design;
  • Apply knowledge of mechanics, physics, and material science in engineering practice and research in advanced manufacturing and materials;
  • Function in multi-disciplinary engineering or research team;
  • Work with technical literature (e.g. conduct bibliographical research, read and critically analyze scientific articles, use scientific metrics and engineering documentation).

The Master of Science program was developed to meet the high demand of specialists in advanced manufacturing technologies in the growing national and international high-tech sector.

Career paths:

  1. PhD positions in academic and research institutions;
  2. Specialist positions in high-tech sector including but not limited to:
  • Advanced manufacturing and materials;
  • Aerospace;
  • Energy and Transportation;
  • Skolkovo resident companies and startups;
  • Research and Development;
  • Consulting.


Program Director
Iskander Akhatov Professor, Director of the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials

Research areas
Students conduct research in areas of information technologies for simulation-based engineering science; advanced manufacturing and product design; advanced materials and technologies; mechanics, micromechanics, and physics in advanced manufacturing.

Academic and Industrial Partners

Academic partners:

  • Bashkir State University (Russia);
  • Florida State University (USA);
  • KU Leuven (Belgium);
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT);
  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore);
  • New Mexico State University (USA);
  • Purdue University (USA);
  • Taft University (USA);
  • Technical University of Munich (Germany);
  • University of Calgary (Canada);
  • University of Dayton (USA);
  • University of Gottingen (Germany);
  • University of Maryland (USA).

Industrial partners:

  • ApATech (Russia);
  • Ceramaker (France);
  • InssTek (South Korea);
  • INUMIT (Russia);
  • Motorica (Russia);
  • Oerlicon (Switzerland);
  • SIU System (Russia);
  • Trumpf (Germany);
  • United Aircraft Corporation (Russia).


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