Andrey Krivoy

PhD Thesis Defense

Date & Time:
November 30, 10:00 am
Room 407, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Nobel St., bld. 3
Candidate: Andrey Krivoy
PhD Program: Life Sciences
Thesis Title: Primed CRISPR-Cas Adaptation in Type I-E System of Escherichia Coli: Use of Single-Molecule and Biochemical Assays to Verify Models of the Phenomenon at Molecular Level 
Supervisor: Professor Konstantin Severinov, Skoltech
PhD Defense Jury Reports:

Professor Konstantin Lukyanov, Skoltech (Chairman): report
Associate Professor Timofei Zatsepin, Skoltech: report
Associate Professor Petr Sergiev, Skoltech: report
Professor Michael Terns, University of Georgia: report
Associate Professor Ivana Ivančić-Baće, University of Zagreb: report

 Thesis Changes Log

Thesis Defense Outcome:  The thesis is accepted “as is.” The candidate is awarded the Skoltech PhD degree.
PhD Defense Video