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Biomedical Technologies

PrioritiesAdvisory group

List of priorities for Industrial projects on Biomedical Technologies 

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Areas of expertise:

  • High throughput methods for analysis of genomes, proteomes, transcriptomes, etc.
  • Imaging and structural biology
  • Bioinformatics/big data analysis
  • Systems biology
  • Metabolic engineering (bioprom)
  • Cell technologies
  • New biomolecular targets and drug discovery
  • Translational medicine
  • Drug delivery
  • Biomarkers/diagnostics/biosensors
  • Gene and cell therapy
  • AG-BIO: New Functional Food Plants as bio-factories

For application in the following technological problems:

  • Provide necessary methodological basis for all areas of biotech/pharma/biomed
  • Microbial, plant and animal cells for highly efficient production of biobased materials
  • Optimization of gene expression
  • Designer cell lines
  • Organ engineering and reconstruction
  • Discovery and development of new generation anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-aging medicines
  • Discovery and development of drugs with new mechanisms of action, search of novel bioactive molecules for drug development
  • Discovery and development of new antibiotics and treatments for infectious diseases
  • Decreasing the number/expense of clinical studies
  • Increased efficacy and safety/decreased toxicity of old and new drugs
  • Development of more sensitive and specific tools (including imaging) for diagnostics of disease state
  • Personalization of medicine and monitoring of medical treatment
  • Creation of new (including personal) therapies
  • Vaccines for vet applications
  • Genetically modified animals and plants for production of drugs, vaccines, and high-value-added products

(Minutes of the second Advisory Group meeting, July 5, 2012)

Approved by the following companies:

  • R-Pharm
  • ChemRar
  • InterLabService
  • GosNIIgenetika
  • Pharm-cluster of Kaluga
  • A.N. Bah Biochemistry Institute

Advisory Group for Research and Development in Biomedical Technologies

The Advisory Group for Research and Development in Biomedical Technologies (hereinafter – the Group) is an ad-hoc advisory group to assist in identifying research and educational priorities to meet long, medium, and short term economic needs. This ongoing collaboration enables Skoltech to prepare students with the technical and practical skills demanded by biomedical companies investing in R&D.
The Group consists of representatives from Skoltech, major biomedical companies, technological platforms which concentrate on carbon extraction and processing as well as other organizations and state bodies determining technological policy in this general sector.

• Elaborate on priority directions of scientific, technological, and educational programs in the area of Biomedical Technologies
• Provide for the exchange of knowledge among the Group’s collaborating companies and Skoltech in collaboration with universities and research institutions to orient programs training engineers and highly qualified technicians
• Prepare programs and initiate international educational projects based upon the technological needs of the Group’s companies
• Monitor and assess the scientific and practical significance of research conducted in part by Skoltech addressing the interests of the Group’s companies
• Collaborate with other Skoltech Advisory Groups in overlapping areas

Skoltech’s Vice President for Industrial Cooperation and State Programms coordinates the activities of the Group.

Advisory Group for Research and Development in Biomedical Technologies 




BEBUROV Mikhail Research Institute for Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms Director
BOLGARIN Roman Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster Executive Director
Stada CIS Deputy General Director
ZAKHARCHENKO Oleg Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology Deputy General Director for Development
IVASCHENKO Andrey ChemRar Chairman of the Board of Directors
IGNATIEV Vasily R-Pharm General Director
KONOV Alexey Bioprocess Capital Partners Director of Investments
KORZINOV Oleg Development Center Biopharmcluster Severniy Executive Director
MOROZOV Dmitry BIOCAD Chairman of the Board of Directors
NIKOLENKO Tatiana Rusnanotech Senior Innovation Manager
OGORODOVA Lyudmila Ministry of Education and Science Deputy Minister
PATRUSHEV Maxim Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University Head of Laboratory
PONOMAREV Alexey Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Vice President for Strategy and Industrial Cooperation
POPOV Vladimir A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry Director
SEVERINOV Konstantin Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Found Faculty Fellow
SHIPULIN German InterLabService Chairman of the Board of Directors