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The primary objective of the KTO@Skoltech is to facilitate Skoltech’s technology identification, assessment, protection and transfer processes for the social and economic benefits of the general public. The KTO should become an organization with processes, policies and procedures aimed at implementing best practices in technology transfer to both new and existing companies, that are fair and transparent in defining the legal agreements that link funding, research and commercialization.

Skoltech faculty, students, and researchers are encouraged to develop commercially applicable technologies in order to provide positive impact associated with their exploitation. Personal fulfillment and recognition, including both monetary and non-monetary aspects, are important elements of researchers’ encouragement. Skoltech IP policy serves to strenghen such encouragement and motivation, and can be generally expressed in the following basic principles:

  • Skoltech retains ownership of inventions created by Skoltech’s employees, faculty and students, or by others with significant use of Skoltech funds or facilites, and facilitates their commercialization by way of licensing to interested companies. Licenses will be negotiated based on commercial principles and will support licensee’s business model.
  • Sponsor of research has a pre-emptive time-limited option to elect either a royalty-free nonexclusive or a royalty bearing exclusive license on commercial use of results of the sponsored research. The sponsor is obligated to reimburse incurred patent prosecution expenses to Skoltech.
  • Skoltech will not seek legal protection for intellectual property which is not commercially attractive – even if it is intellectually meritorious – unless otherwise requested by the sponsor.
  • Motivation and engagement of a researcher is a primary factor of successful technology transfer. Technology protection, management and commercialization services, and other support will be provided by the staff of the KTO@Skoltech with inventor’s active participation and involvement.
  • Any licensing income (royalties) derived out of successful commercialization of Skoltech intellectual property will be shared with the inventors.

Technology transfer process @Skoltech is designed to balance interests of research sponsors and spin-outs with the correlate interest of inventors and Skoltech, as well as insure transparency, auditability, and consistency with university licensing best practices.