Spring 2017

May 18, 2017

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Breakthroughs Towards Aerospace Leadership  

Mr Jean-Frgeneste-jean-francois-photoançois Geneste, Vice-President – Chief Scientist at Airbus Group Innovations, Toulouse, France

Jean-François Geneste is a wide spectrum mathematician, physicist and engineer. Along his career he proved more than 50 mathematical theorems, designed new public key cryptosystems and zero-knowledge proof of knowledge algorithms. In Physics, he strongly criticized the inconsistencies in the discipline and proposed to solve them through the consideration of a non-Archimedean universe. This culminated in the publication of two books onf theoretical physics (2010 in French and 2015 in English). This research is going on through a brand new approach of what a symmetry is in mathematics with its consequences in physics.

In the first part of his talk Jean-François will present  a new concept of a very performant airship with at least 40 days’ autonomy at 60 km/h. This concept does not need any technological rupture to be achieved, this is only an architectural breakthrough. Then he will talk about a stratospheric platform at 40km altitude which is, among others, a runway for high supersonic (M=3) civil transportation planes able to fly over land. Finally, he will describe an architectural breakthrough concept for cheap access to space which outperforms all existing devices.