Student Projects

Project Name Type / Status Team Description
RiderGuider Demonstration Vage Taamazyan, Oleg Urzhumtsev A bicycle navigator with a vibration functionality which not only helps riders to turn in the right direction – it does so without them having to look at a screen, take their eyes off the road, or even their hands off the handlebars. this new technology efficiently signals the right direction without distracting bikers. Several models of bicycles’ navigators have been developed to date, but all of them practically force users to peek at the screen from time to time. This can lead to accidents and mishaps, especially on a busy road or track. With the RiderGuider navigator all you need to do is choose the final destination point and place your smartphone in a pocket or wearable pouch. The Instructions your Mobile phone receives from the navigator are duplicated by the vibration of the handlebar. The cost of the device is expected to range from 25-30$ to 50-100$, depending on which navigator software you use.Ridere Guider was designed by Skoltech IT student Vage Taamzyan during a year spent studying at MIT, Skoltech’s leading international partner.
Easy Wallet Demonstration Rustem Feyzkhanov,
Alexander Ivanov
Easy Wallet is a mobile app which provides users advice about the financial services (e.g. credit cards, loyalty cards) that are best suited to their personal needs. The advice is based on a client’s spending habits and places where he – or she – spends money most often. This radically new approach to financial planning takes into account not only balance and expenditure for each credit card, but also helps set goals, and recommends the best credit cards and services to achieve these targets.
StudyCam Demonstration Rustem Feyzkhanov,
Zhelavskaya Irina
StudyCam ushers in a revolution in distance education. The technology lets any tutor engaged in teaching via videoconference to conveniently convey whatever’s on their mind – on actual paper. It’s as if the teacher is sitting right next to the student – with the result that the experience of distant learning process becomes more intimate than ever before.
Dream Beamer Demonstration Vyacheslav Sabirov,
Teammates outside skolkovo
Dream Beamer is a software that blacks a presenter out of a projector image. The speaker is tracked with a webcam which ‘tells’ the projector not to shine light on the person’s face and body. The result is that the that any conference participant knows all too well – such as blinding light beamed onto a presenter’s face or a distorted image on the body – are gone.Dream Beamer has already:Received a HK$ 100 000 grant from the Hong Kong Cyberport for proof of concept.Developed the product.Sold 4 licenses to The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.For more information please visit
Tilt-rotor UAV Demonstration Nikita Rodichenko,
Vladimir Eremin
Co-designed by Skoltech’s leading civilian drones experts, Nikita Rodichenko and Vladimir Eremin the Tilt-rotor UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), capable of flying in both “copter” and “plane” mode. The mechanism making this feat possible is the rotation of motors. A flying robot equipped with tilt rotors can perform high-speed flight like a plane, while boasting vertical takeoff, landing and hovering capabilities, much like a helicopter. The engineering and design duo has used 3D-printing and laser cutting technology manufacture a prototype model, which weighs one kg and has a wingspan of one meter. All components were produced by equipment provided by Skoltech and the MISIS FabLab.
WaterSafeDevice Presentation Kolchanov Andrey The WaterSafeDevice project is based on a smart watch and a sensor bracelet, worn by a baby or toddler while taking a bath. Developed by Skoltech’s students Andrey Kolchanov and Sergey Kasatkin, WaterSafeDevice’s goal is simple and critical: prevent children from drowning. Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death among children aged one to four – and the second-leading cause of death in children under 14 years old. WaterSafeDevice aims to change all that – and save lives.The device has two components: one is the bracelet worn by a child before taking a bath or a dip in a pool: the other is a smart watch (aka “host module”), accessible to the adult in charge.An alarm goes off if a child’s heart beat and position in the water indicate that something is wrong – when a young swimmer swims too far for their age, or spends a long time under water and might be drowning. The prototype’s estimated cost is $60 US. In return this technology provides a solution that could take parents’ anxiety away. Sounds like a smart business plan: ask any American or Russian and they would probably say that this is a fair price for saving a child’s life.WaterSafeDevice is compatible with iPhones and select Android devices. The device can also send information to the cloud to track the training progress.
ImeetU Presentation Tatiana Gaponova,
Andrii Omelianovych,
Alexander Vidiborskiy,
Sergey Madaminov
ImeetU is a mobile app which finds the most suitable meeting place for you and your friends taking into account your location and various preferences (food, kinds of movies you like, etc.) The bigger the city, the harder it is to find a cool and comfortable place to hang out with friends. This is especially true for newcomers – the people who are just off the plane and would like to get to know the city asap. Tons of information is available online on websites such as tripadvisor. You can check-in using Foursquare and read the comments of others who had previously been to the place you’re at. But, what happens if you cannot make up your mind right now? Moreover, what if your friends are in different parts of a giant city like Moscow? How will you find the one place that everyone loves? Enter ImeetU.ImeetU is a mobile app which finds the most suitable meeting place for you and your friends taking into account your location and various preferences (food, kinds of movies you like, etc.).
Sharxi (Shared taxi) Presentation Borys Urman,
and team members from external organizations
Sharxi is a taxi-sharing service. Users pay half the price, compared to conventional taxis and need not worry about finding travel companions. As for the booking process – it’s as easy as popular taxi apps like Yandex Taxi or GetTaxi. In addition to the service’s direct benefits, Sharxi is eco-friendly: it will ease up congestion on city roads and reduce pollution.
Skilltrees Presentation Anna Dubovik,
Roman Prilepsky
Anna Dubovik and Roman Prilepsky are students with Skoltech’s IT track and the entrepreneurs behind “SKILL-TREE “. The project’s aim is to solve high unemployment rates which plague young professionals with advanced degrees (7.6% in the US, 13% in Russia) and take away the anxiety associated with career choices. Skilltrees creates a customized web service for future professionals. It uses young professionals’ social network profiles to determine their set of skills and provide informed advice on their career’s best future course. Skilltree’s ultimate goal is to scale the service and help professionals worldwide realize what’s missing from their careers.
ImageAiry Presentation Katrin Kotenko Lengold,
Alexandra Kudryashova
Image Airy, is the “world’s first marketplace for satellite imaging services”. Companies in various industries, from agriculture to construction use satellite imagery for decision-making support.
However, business owners who are dependent on satellite images face the challenge of specifying complex technical parameters and must have an engineering background – or hire someone who can do that for them. Based on the user’s industry or specific task the search algorithm finds and suggests suitable satellite pictures, imagery resellers or consulting companies which are suitable to business owners’ specific needs. The service might, for example, help tour operators to avoid selling packages to flooded regions or assist agricultural companies seeking high crop yielding areas. It allows users to access remote and complex services with a few clicks of a mouse. Thus, ImageAiry provides a powerful, reliable and inexpensive source of information for companies worldwide.
Small scale H2 fuel production Presentation Amirul Islam
Karfidov Lab company Presentation Dmirtry Vasilev,
Teammates outside skolkovo
Active adaptive filters for satellites Presentation Alexander Vidiborsky,
Andrii Omelianovych
Over the last 20 years the number of satellites in use has increased a whopping 10 times. The main problem when transmitting information from Earth to a satellite and back is the quality of the signal, namely noise and interferences.The project envisions the creation of highly-tunable active filters for satellites and large observatories. These filters could make life easier –and quieter – for communications and astronomy professionals because they allow higher noise tolerance. It allows to physically filter unwanted frequencies, thereby highlighting the clean signal. The device’s main draw point is that, compared with other satellites, it is extremely light, extremely economical in terms of power needs (150 times less than the common semiconductor), and has a price tag that’s 5 times cheaper than that of an average semiconductor.
Eye track Presentation Vladimir Zhuykov,
Teammates outside skolkovo
Eye trackNowadays, life without laptops, smartphones and tablets is all but inconceivable. Yet all these hypersensitive and super-smart devices share the same problem – navigation and manipulation still pose a challenge, especially for users who are not extremely young or agile. Eye track offers a solution that does not require the further development of ergonomics but rather relies on eye and head movements. It is a hand-free solution that aims to revolutionize the way help people with disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, operate a computer. In addition to the easy-to-use functionality, Eye Track has an embedded application that can determine whether a person’s eyes are tired, and launches, if necessary, an eyes simulator.Now you need not fear your focus’ deterioration when sitting at a computer or controlling a tablet and smartphone while playing – Eye Track takes care of the eyes.