Student Council

The Skoltech Student Council is recognized by the university administration as the official voice of the student body. This group is a representative student-elected body that offers a forum to address all kinds of campus issues, and an opportunity for students to become involved in the university community.


  • To provide a formal means of communication among students and organize a forum for discussion of issues of concern to students
  • To organize and hold selection process of students for appointment to institution
  • To provide for and promote students extra-curricular activities
  • To organize a set of welcoming and orientation sessions for new students
  • To own and manage property and accounts which will assist in securing the above objectives

Current Members – Academic Year 2017-2018

Student Board

President Valentina Ekimova


Student Panel

Stanislav Kruglik
PhD Representative
Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres
International Students Representative
Ekaterina Malysheva
MSc Representative (1st year)
Daniel Honorato
MSc Representative (2nd year)
Nikita Chizov 
Students’ Activities Coordinator

General responsibilities of the Officers, Committee Chairs, and Student Representatives

  • Regularly (once per month) hold Student Council meetings
  • Vote on behalf of students
  • Be involved in all academic events and extracurricular activities
  • Regularly (at least once per month) inform students about discussions held and decisions made by the Council: short report/ forward of meeting minutes/ direct conversations
  • Serve to the best of students’ welfare.


Election processes:

The student council is organized according to its constitution (PDF) and relative bylaws (PDF) established by Skoltech students.