Pekka Viljakainen

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Skolkovo Ventures

Pekka A. Viljakainen was born in Finland 1972. He studied engineering at the University of Technology in Lappeenranta. Thanks to his technical background, P. Viljakainen has for 25 years worked as an ambassador between business executives and technology teams. He started as an entrepreneur in 1986, by establishing Oy Visual Systems Ltd. (1986-2004). His company was merged with TietoEnator in 2000. P. Viljakainen is widely known by his nickname, Bulldozer. The nickname was earned by his reputation and track record for handling very complex governance and political topics inside large international organizations. During his corporate carrier he acted as trusted advisor for CEOs and chairpersons specializing in the transformation related to enterprise digitization and HR.

After 26 years of his active Visual Systems-Tieto career, he left from operative roles on 2011 and focused to his non-profit leadership education project called Because of this, he has been a visiting speaker and advisor for several international corporations and faculties (like IMD Business School).

In 2012, P. Viljakainen was invited to act as senior advisor for the president of the Skolkovo Foundation. Since then, he has been acting as a founder and advisor for several nationwide entrepreneurship programs within the Russian Federation. Russian StartupTour 2013-2014 (16 + 28 Russian cities) and StartupVillage concepts have key elements of those actions. During those programs he has built a strong network of entrepreneurs, local governmental institutions as well as universities across Russia and abroad.

P. Viljakainen is a board member of the Russian Postal Service and Soprano Communications.

P. Viljakainen is also known as an investor, a business angel and an advisor for several high-tech companies. Those activities are handled through his family investment office called He is also a well known supporter and philanthropist for several areas related to education, classical music as well as several social projects. His hobbies are helicopter flying PPL(H), cross country skiing, weight lifting and triathlon.