It’s mathematics that helps us to describe, foresee, formalize and organize our lives. There is no doubt in its significance and value nowadays. Biologists, economists, historians, geographers, businessmen, politicians – all are dealing with this science every day, more or less.

However, few people really know what happens with mathematics nowadays: we have invited the leading experts of the nation to tell about it. Mathematics is a precise and very complicated science, that is why we have decided to reduce the degree of intellectual tensity and chose a laid-back format of a stroll…

Math walks with Victor Vasilyev

November 9, 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-12-57-45-amThe autumn-winter season of Math walks opened up with a conversation of Mikhail Gelfand with the Chief research scientist, MIAS, Head of the Moscow Mathematical Society, RAS Academician Victor Vasilyev.

The talk started at the Gogolevsky boulevard, and continued in the lecture rooms of the Moscow Independent University. What the two professors talked about – read in the coming issues of the ‘Troitsky variant – Nauka’ newspaper.

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