Optical microscope Leica DM2700M


Optical microscope Leica DM2700M
Optical microscope Leica DM2700M with an ultra-bright LED light source (4500 K) and with an updated optical system, expands the possibilities of optical microscopy for a wide range of scientific problems. Optical microscope Leica DM2700M allows us to obtain images in bright-field, dark-field and other modes. The microscope is equipped with a 5-lens revolver with working magnifications of x5, x10, x20, x50 and x100. The Leica DM2700M is designed for research in the field of materials science, mineralogy, geology and other fields of science.

Production year, manufacturer, country of manufacture: 2019, Leica Microsystems GmbH, Germany

Technical characteristics:
The maximum magnification of the microscope ×1000 (a set of lenses ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50 and ×100)
Bright Field Reflector Module BF
Dark Field Reflector Module DF
Sample stage 4×4 ceramic coated with glass insert
Digital Camera Leica MC170HD
LAS Measurment software package for measuring geometric parameters.