RSOM Explorer P50


Raster scanning optoacoustic mesoscopy system RSOM Explorer P50

The system of optoacoustic preclinical in vivo visualization of hemoglobin, melanin and contrast agents.


  • preclinical studies of vascular diseases, skin cancer, tumor angiogenesis, diseases in which the accumulation of such natural absorbers as hemoglobin and melanin at the mesoscopic level is impaired; in addition to natural absorbers, molecular probes can also be tested
  • Optoacoustic image at the mesoscopic level
  • Optical contrast at a depth of several millimeters


  • Axial / lateral resolution: up to 10/40 microns;
  • Penetration depth: up to 3 mm;
  • 80 seconds signal accumulation time for 5 x 5 mm scan area;
  • Pulsed laser 532 nm;
  • 50 MHz single element ultra wide bandwidth (> 90%) detector;
  • Automatic visualization;
  • Software for the construction, visualization and analysis of images.

Video tutorial:

 List of Skoltech papers where the setup was used:

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