Zetasizer Nano ZS


Dynamic light scattering and Zeta potential measurement system Zetasizer Nano ZS, Malvern

 Zetasizer is a high-performance two-angle analyzer of sizes and molecules by dynamic light scattering.


  • particle and molecular size 0.3 nm – 10 microns, (min.volume 12 µl; measurement of sizes in a solution of proteins with a concentration of 0.1 mg / ml (lysozyme)),
  • translational diffusion (translational diffusion), electrophoretic mobility of proteins,
  • zeta potential of particles at high and low concentrations of colloids, particles 3.8 nm – 100 microns (min.volume 150 µl),
  • viscosity and viscoelasticity of polymer solutions, concentration, molecular weight (range 980Da – 20MDa; min.volume 12µl), second virial coefficient A2 of macromolecules and DLS of interaction parameter kD


  • Accuracy, reliability and repeatability of analysis results in one to two minutes
  • The material is examined in the original environment.
  • To determine the average size, it is enough to know the viscosity of the liquid
  • High concentration, able to measure turbid and highly concentrated samples
  • Dimension measurement <1 nm.
  • Measurement of the size of molecules with molecular weight <1000 Da

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