PhD Programs

We are currently accepting applications for PhD study  in the following programs:

Minimum Degree Requirements

The Doctor of Philosophy degree comprises 240 credits. Upon graduation, all PhD students will have done at least 240 credits, of which minimum:

  • 30 ECTS credits of coursework

    • 12 ECTS credits of coursework for Advanced Major-Field Courses

      Advanced Major-Field Courses represent the advanced subject matter in a particular academic area that only PhD students or established faculty members would typically be expected to have mastered. In most cases these courses, or seminars, will be customized for doctoral students and made available exclusively for doctoral students in a particular area of specialization.

    • 18 ECTS credits for General Doctoral Courses

      General Doctoral Courses represent methodological subject matter, pedagogy, philosophical inquiry or general academic or professional learning about research or subject matter related to research, teaching or innovation that are applicable across most or all academic fields.

  • 201 ECTS credits of Research & Professional experience

    Includes Thesis Research, Thesis Proposal Defense and Pedagogical Activity.

    • Thesis Proposal Defense. A compulsory component of the Program, whereby a student defends his or her thesis as a pre-condition of being permitted to proceed to the stage of carrying out the research project formulated in the Thesis Proposal.
    • Pedagogical Activity. A compulsory component of the Program, which leads to the development of professional pedagogical skills of the student.
    • Thesis Research. All Skoltech PhD students must produce an original PhD thesis to be examined though a transparent and credible process. The thesis must be the student’s own work.
  • 3 ECTS credits of Qualifying Exam

    The goal of the qualifying examination is to provide an opportunity for an assessment of a student’s ability and inclination to conduct research according to top-tier institution standards, and to provide a learning experience in which students may both strengthen their field-specific knowledge and scientific methods for conducting scholarly research.

  • 6 ECTS credits of Thesis Defense

    A compulsory component of the Program, after completion and submission of the thesis, wherein the student is required to present their thesis research work in person to a broad audience, including the PhD Defense Jury, and to defend it.​