Computational and Data Science and Engineering

Key information

Program starts
November 1, 2020
Skoltech CDISE  
Modes and duration
Full time:
 4 years

Tuition fees
No tuition fee
 for applicants who pass the selection process

Language of instruction

English language

If you have not conducted your education in English, you will be expected to demonstrate evidence of an adequate level of English proficiency.

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Program Committee
Chair – Prof. Maxim Fedorov
Prof. Alexander Bernstein
Prof. Nikolay Brilliantov
Prof. Grigory Kabatyansky
Prof. Ivan Oseledets
Assistant Prof. Gonzalo Ferrer


Prof. Maxim Fedorov
Associate Prof. Alexander Shapeev // CEST
Assistant Prof. Alexey Zaitsev
Assistant Prof. Mikhail Belyaev // CNBR
Visiting Prof. Christoph Hermann Borchers
Assistant Prof. Dmitry Yudin
Associate Prof. Evgeny Burnaev
Prof. Ivan Oseledets
Assistant Prof. Andrey Somov
Associate Prof. Victor Lempitsky
Prof. Vladimir Spokoiny
Prof. Andrzej Cichocki
Prof. Alexander Bernstein
Prof. Grigory Kabatyansky // President office
Associate Prof. Dmitry Lakontsev
Assistant Prof. Gonzalo Ferrer
Assistant Prof. Vladimir Palyulin
Prof. Nikolay Brilliantov
Assistant Prof. Dmitry Dylov
Associate Prof. Alexey Frolov
Assistant Prof. Maxim Panov
Assistant Prof. Nikolay Koshev
Prof. Evgeny Nikolaev
Assistant Prof. Pavel Osinenko
Assistant Prof. Anh Huy Phan
Assistant Prof. Petr Popov
Assistant Prof. Mariia Pukalchik
Associate Prof. Sergey Rykovanov
Associate Prof. Alexey Vishnyakov
Associate Prof. Dmitry Yarotsky
Prof. Denis Zorin
Assistant Prof. Alexander Panchenko
Assistant Prof. Yury Kostyukevich
Assistant Prof. Natallia Strushkevich