Skoltech is an international graduate research-focused university that was founded by the group of world-renowned scientists in 2011. Skoltech's curriculum focuses on technology and innovation, offering Master's programs in 11 technological disciplines. Students receive rigorous theoretical and practical training, design their own research projects, participate in internships and gain entrepreneurial skills in English. The faculty is comprised of current researchers with international accreditation and achievements.

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Date Student Program Thesis Title
2023-Dec-22 Hassaan Ahmad Butt Materials Science and Engineering Carbon nanotube fibers as embedded electrodes for the dual-stage monitoring of multi-functional carbon nanotube nanocomposites
2023-Dec-22 Mikhail Bulavskiy Materials Science and Engineering Hybrid functional materials based on single-walled carbon nanotubes
2023-Dec-20 Mariia Vlasenok Life Sciences Transcriptomic analysis of the interaction between pre-mRNA splicing and intronic polyadenylation
2023-Dec-19 Anastasiia Merdalimova Physics Optical sensors based on hollow-core microstructured optical waveguides: 2-in-1 multispectral refractometry and raman spectroscopy
2023-Dec-19 Alexandra Scerbacova Petroleum Engineering Investigation of alkyl ether carboxylate surfactants performance in carbonate reservoirs
2023-Dec-18 Daniil Ilatovskii Materials Science and Engineering Rational design of single-walled carbon nanotube films for transparent electronics
2023-Dec-15 Sajjad Asefi Engineering Systems Advancements in power system state estimation: innovative algorithms and solutions for enhanced reliability and efficiency
2023-Dec-13 Galina Chikunova Engineering Systems Coronal dimmings associated with coronal mass ejections: evolution, lifetime, and relation to the directivity
2023-Dec-05 Vadim Sotskov Materials Science and Engineering Data-driven design of multicomponent alloys
2023-Dec-04 Dmitrii Smirnov Life Sciences Investigation of the role of SIRT6 in the molecular mechanisms of the gene expression regulation, metabolism and aging
2023-Nov-27 Konstantin Makarenko Mathematics and Mechanics Microstructural, mechanical, and thermal properties evaluation of functionally graded Fe-Cu structures after direct energy deposition
2023-Nov-14 Vahid Ramezankhani Materials Science and Engineering Characterization and optimization of organic redox-active electrode materials for potassium-ion batteries
2023-Nov-07 Mile Mitrovic Engineering Systems Data-driven stochastic AC-OPF using Gaussian processes
2023-Oct-30 Nikita Akhmetov Materials Science and Engineering Development of lithium-conducting polymer-ceramic membranes for lithium-metal hybrid flow batteries
2023-Oct-27 Igor Salimon Physics Aspects of laser-induced structuring and surface modification of technologically significant metal and semiconductor materials
2023-Oct-23 Radmir Karamov Mathematics and Mechanics Machine learning enhancement of micro-CT based micromechanics of composite materials
2023-Oct-20 Julijana Cvjetinovic Physics Optical and mechanical properties of diatom structures
2023-Oct-20 Stanislav Chernyshikhin Mathematics and Mechanics Tailoring the functional properties of NiTi shape memory alloy by high-resolution laser powder bed fusion
2023-Oct-19 Viktor Duplyakov Petroleum Engineering Machine learning on field data for hydraulic fracturing design optimization
2023-Oct-13 Bogdan Kirillov Life Sciences Uncertainty quantification and neural network interpretation for studying CRISPR mechanics
2023-Oct-10 Ivan Gnusov Physics Spinor and vorticity control in polariton condensates
2023-Oct-06 Ilya Novikov Materials Science and Engineering Assembling networks of single-walled carbon nanotubes for electronic and optical applications
2023-Oct-03 Mohammad Owais Materials Science and Engineering Material design and optimization of thermal management meterials based on boron nitride, graphene, and carbon nanotubes polymer nanocomposites
2023-Oct-02 Yulia Kuzminova Mathematics and Mechanics Properties and characteristics of the CrFeCoNi high-entropy alloys and its modifications produced by additive manufacturing technique
2023-Sep-21 Elena Kurilovich Life Sciences The role of genome maintenance proteins in primed CRISPR adaptation by the type I-E CRISPR-Cas system
2023-Sep-15 Fernando Davalos Engineering Systems Supercapacitor Energy Storage System based on Modular Multilevel Converter with embedded self-balance control
2023-Sep-01 Viktoriia Chekalina Computational and Data Science and Engineering Computationally efficient Natural Language Processing methods using tensor representations
2023-Jul-12 Evgeniia Alekseeva Life Sciences Evolutionary analysis of intrahost interaction between pathogens and adaptive immunity
2023-Jun-27 Patrick Aggrey Materials Science and Engineering Nanoscale phase separation and transformations in the silicon-oxygen and related systems
2023-Jun-20 Gyamfua Asante-Mensah Computational and Data Science and Engineering Automatic noise and artifacts removal from biomedical signals and images using tensor completion
2023-May-17 Akshay Vishwanathan Computational and Data Science and Engineering On the performance of quantum approximate optimization
2023-May-17 Andrey Kardashin Computational and Data Science and Engineering On applications of variational quantum circuits
2023-Apr-25 Artem Mikelov Life Sciences Dynamics of immunoglobulin repertoires in memory and antibody-secreting B cell subsets in health and disease
2023-Apr-12 Egor Zakharov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Synthesis of human face and body images via generative adversarial networks
2023-Apr-06 Talgat Daulbaev Computational and Data Science and Engineering Applications of differential equations and reduced-order modeling for deep learning
2023-Feb-10 Svetlana Illarionova Computational and Data Science and Engineering Deep learning for remote sensing of environment and land cover analysis
2023-Jan-20 Evgeny Baraboshkin Petroleum Engineering Automated core description based on computer analysis
2023-Jan-20 Olga Yamilova Materials Science and Engineering Revealing electrochemical degradation pathways in complex lead halides and design of stable perovskite solar cells
2023-Jan-16 Yuliya Kan Materials Science and Engineering Development of core-shell fiber composite based on polyvinyl alcohol modified with graphene oxide and silica for biomedical applications


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2022-Dec-16 Mikhail Nikolaev Engineering Systems Concept selection of innovative complex engineering systems considering systems emergent properties
2022-Nov-21 Rahim Samanbakhsh Engineering Systems Design of power converters for renewable energy sources
2022-Nov-11 Anton Putintsev Physics Ambient polaritonics
2022-Nov-11 Stepan Baryshev Physics Photon correlations of optically trapped polariton condensate
2022-Nov-02 Natalia Katorova Materials Science and Engineering The effect of selected electrode-solution interactions on the potassium-ion battery electrochemical performance
2022-Nov-01 Ivan Sechin Mathematics and Mechanics Quantum R-matrix identities and integrable systems
2022-Oct-31 Aleksandr Vedernikov Mathematics and Mechanics Effects of technological regimes on structural performance of pultruded profiles
2022-Oct-31 Timur Bulatov Petroleum Engineering The lithological and geochemical study of type I kerogen in the Bazhenov Formation in application to exploration and production of hydrocarbons
2022-Oct-19 Valentina Ekimova Petroleum Engineering Experimental modeling of gas hydrates interaction with a salt solution in permafrost
2022-Oct-18 Nataliya Gvozdik Materials Science and Engineering Advanced characterization methods of materials and redox mechanisms in flow batteries
2022-Oct-14 Nadezhda Khaustova Petroleum Engineering Uranium concentration and distribution at different stages of sedimentation: from marine sediments to oil-shale
2022-Oct-13 Igor Ermakov Physics Dynamics of exceptional states in many-body systems
2022-Oct-11 Rim Gubaev Life Sciences Genetic association mapping of agronomically important traits in rapeseed and sunflower
2022-Oct-10 Sergei Porokhin Materials Science and Engineering Perovskite mixed oxides as catalysts of oxygen evalution reaction
2022-Oct-07 Dmitry Popov Engineering Systems Topology and parameter optimization for additive manufacturing based on function representation
2022-Oct-03 Aleksei Mironov Life Sciences Tissue-specificity and regulation of aberrant alternative splicing
2022-Sep-30 Daryna Dementieva Computational and Data Science and Engineering Methods for fighting harmful multilingual textual content
2022-Sep-30 Irina Nikishina Computational and Data Science and Engineering Learning linguistic tree structures with text and graph methods
2022-Sep-28 Daniel Wamriew Petroleum Engineering Location and source mechanisms of induced microseismic events: a deep learning approach
2022-Sep-26 Kirill Pavlenko Mathematics and Mechanics Quantum KdV charges, 2d conformal theories and eigenstate thermalization hypothesis
2022-Sep-23 Vladimir Fanaskov Mathematics and Mechanics Statistical inference and machine learning in numerical linear algebra
2022-Sep-15 Dmitrii Semenok Materials Science and Engineering Computational design of new superconducting materials and their targeted experimental synthesis
2022-Sep-14 Dmitrii Travin Life Sciences Phazolicin — a novel azole-modified peptide antibiotic: structure, mechanisms of action, transport, and biosynthesis
2022-Sep-14 Tao Fan Materials Science and Engineering First-principles study of advanced thermoelectric materials: methodology and application
2022-Sep-13 Dmitry Sutormin Life Sciences Regulation of bacterial genome topology by topoisomerases
2022-Sep-13 Evgeniia Shcherbinina Life Sciences Role of LNCRNA LL35 in hepatocytes function
2022-Sep-12 Julia Gordeeva Life Sciences Recognition strategies of Type I and Type V BREX systems
2022-Sep-07 Mikhail Moldovan Life Sciences Heritable modifications of transmitted biological information as possible sources of adaptation
2022-Sep-05 Evgenii Kanin Petroleum Engineering Asymptotic models of coupled geomechanics/fluid mechanics phenomena of hydraulic fracture growth
2022-Aug-30 Strahinja Markovic Petroleum Engineering Application of LF-NMR measurements and supervised learning regression methods for improved characterization of heavy oils and bitumens
2022-Jul-06 Aleksandra Burashnikova Engineering Systems Large-scale learning for information and engineered systems
2022-Jul-01 Aleksey Lunkin Physics Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model in the presence of the quadratic perturbation
2022-Apr-28 Tagir Karamov Petroleum Engineering Void space evolution and organic matter transformation of Bazhenov Formation rocks during high temperature treatment
2022-Mar-24 Vadim Prokofev Mathematics and Mechanics Integrable hierarchies of nonlinear differential equations and many-body systems
2022-Mar-15 Ilya Vilkoviskiy Mathematics and Mechanics Integrable structures of affine Yangian
2022-Mar-14 Maksim Malyy Engineering Systems The data-driven model of technology-based new ventures growth
2022-Feb-16 Yuri Sarkisov Engineering Systems Design, modeling, and control of cable-suspended aerial manipulator
2022-Jan-24 Anastasia Gabova Petroleum Engineering Experimental investigations of thermal properties of unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs at formation temperatures


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2021-Dec-20 Georgy Peshkov Petroleum Engineering Improving the accuracy of thermal history in basin modelling: reduction of uncertainties in petroleum system analysis
2021-Dec-17 Emre Ozdemir Engineering Systems Geospatial point cloud classification
2021-Dec-17 Mariia Zhiliaeva Materials Science and Engineering A novel straightforward wet pulling technique to fabricate carbon nanotube fibers
2021-Dec-16 Aleksandra Bezmenova Life Sciences Evolutionary processes in hypervariable fungus Schizophyllum commune
2021-Dec-15 Marina Kalinina Life Sciences Long-range complementary interactions in human pre-mRNAs and their implications in splicing
2021-Dec-14 Kseniia Safina Life Sciences Molecular epidemiology of socially important infectious diseases
2021-Dec-09 Anastasiia Stoliarova Life Sciences Genomic patterns of epistasis at macro- and microevolutionary scales
2021-Dec-07 Daria Sergeeva Petroleum Engineering Development of thermodynamic models for phase equilibria of water-ice-gas-hydrate in aqueous solutions of inhibitors and in porous media
2021-Dec-07 Nikita Stroev Physics Modelling of exciton-polariton condensates for unconventional computing
2021-Dec-06 Song Guo Life Sciences Using RNA expression as a quantitative molecular phenotype to study human and vertebrate evolution
2021-Nov-30 Roman Kapaev Materials Science and Engineering Transition metal coordination polymers derived from 1,2,4,5-benzenetetraamine as active materials for energy storage devices
2021-Oct-28 Timur Ermatov Physics Optical properties of hollow-core microstructured fibers modified by polymers and/or inorganic nano- and submicron particles
2021-Oct-26 Saeed Osat Computational and Data Science and Engineering Percolation on complex networks and its applications
2021-Oct-21 Alvaro Gonzalez Engineering Systems Flexibility characterization in power systems
2021-Oct-19 Aleksandra Galitsyna Life Sciences Chromatin folding in individual cells
2021-Oct-18 Nicola Garzaniti Engineering Systems A decision support system for agile development of complex hardware systems
2021-Oct-15 Giorgio Visentin Materials Science and Engineering Accurate ab initio evaluation of the interatomic potentials and long-range coefficients
2021-Oct-07 Mayuribala Mangrulkar Materials Science and Engineering Additives for improving the intrinsic stability of hybrid perovskite solar cells
2021-Sep-30 Roman Gonin Mathematics and Mechanics Twisted representations of toroidal algebras and their applications
2021-Sep-29 Mohammad Ebadi Petroleum Engineering Fluid transport in tight rocks: multi-scale AI-driven characterization paradigm
2021-Sep-21 Evgeny Iakovlev Mathematics and Mechanics Multiscale modeling of graphene nanobubbles
2021-Sep-20 Anuar Shakirov Petroleum Engineering Determining thermal properties of sedimentary rocks from well-logging data
2021-Aug-26 Artem Samtsevych Materials Science and Engineering Simulation of the mechanisms of solid-solid phase transitions
2021-Jul-15 Eldar Shakirov Engineering Systems Integrated engineering and manufacturing change management in the additive manufacturing context
2021-Jul-13 Nikita Klyuchnikov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Multi-fidelity Classification and Active Search
2021-Jun-28 Vladimir Frolov Engineering Systems Operational and uncertainty aware planning of power systems
2021-Jun-17 Sofya Kasatskaya Life Sciences Origin of T cell subsets studied through the lens of TCR repertoires
2021-Apr-16 Marina Munkhoeva Computational and Data Science and Engineering Fast numerical linear algebra methods for machine learning
2021-Mar-16 Aliia Mukhametdinova Petroleum Engineering Unconventional reservoir characterization using low-field nuclear magnetic resonance
2021-Feb-26 Yermek Kapushev Computational and Data Science and Engineering Gaussian Process models for Large-Scale Problems
2021-Jan-29 Alina Chernova Life Sciences Integrating high-throughput genotyping and lipidomic profiling for discovery of genetic determinants of cultivated sunflower seed oil content
2021-Jan-28 Evgeny Tsykunov Engineering Systems Human-swarm interaction for the guidance and deployment of drones using impedance control and tactile feedback
2021-Jan-21 Maksim Zakharkin Materials Science and Engineering NASICON-type Na3+xMnxV2-x(PO4)3 cathode materials for sodium-ion batteries
2021-Jan-20 Valentin Khrulkov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Geometrical methods in machine learning and tensor analysis


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2020-Dec-23 Ivan Tereshchenko Materials Science and Engineering Cathode materials for metal-ion batteries based on orthoborate and orthophosphate
2020-Dec-18 Ivan Kalinov Engineering Systems Development of a heterogeneous robotic system for automated inventory stocktaking of industrial warehouse
2020-Dec-17 Sergey Sosnin Computational and Data Science and Engineering Exploration of Chemical Space by Machine Learning
2020-Dec-15 Anna Fefilova Life Sciences Functional study of human and murine morrbid lncRNA in vitro
2020-Dec-15 Grigory Yashin Engineering Systems Development of Group of Flying Robots with Multifunctional Robotic Limbs aimed at Operations in Cluttered Environments
2020-Dec-11 Aleksandra Mitina Life Sciences Role of breast milk lipid composition in postnatal brain development
2020-Dec-11 Liudmila Khakimova Petroleum Engineering New approaches for numerical modeling of air-injection based enhanced oil recovery
2020-Dec-10 Anastasia Ivanova Petroleum Engineering Dynamic modelling and experimental evaluation of nanoparticles application in surfactant enhanced oil recovery
2020-Dec-09 Aysylu Askarova Petroleum Engineering Physical and numerical modeling of thermal methods of EOR and improvements of oil recovery
2020-Dec-01 Valentina Burskaia Life Sciences Positive selection in parallel evolution
2020-Nov-19 Andrei Churkin Engineering Systems Stability analysis in coalitional games for cross-border power interconnection planning
2020-Nov-09 Anna Shiriaeva Life Sciences Interference and primed adaptation intermediates in type I CRISPR-Cas systems
2020-Oct-23 Andrei Tarkhov Physics Ergodization dynamics of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation on a lattice
2020-Oct-23 Stepan Romanov Physics Single-walled carbon nanotubes as a source of ultrasound
2020-Oct-20 Evgenii Tsymbalov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Machine learning for elastic strain engineering
2020-Oct-20 Mikhail Pugach Engineering Systems Vanadium redox flow batteries modeling and performance analysis
2020-Oct-19 Dmitrii Shadrin Computational and Data Science and Engineering Data-driven modeling of plant growth dynamics in controlled environments
2020-Oct-09 Alexander Menshchikov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Mathematical modelling and analysis of intelligent monitoring platform for Precision Agriculture
2020-Oct-05 Julia Bondareva Materials Science and Engineering Sulfonimide-based dendrimers: synthesis and application for surface functionalization
2020-Oct-02 Aleksandr Kurilovich Materials Science and Engineering Oxygen reduction reaction mechanism on metal oxides/carbon composite materials
2020-Oct-02 Oleg Lebedev Materials Science and Engineering Study of deformational behavior of electrical conductivity of polymer composites with different nanofiller distribution types
2020-Sep-22 Iana Fedorova Life Sciences Characterization and application of CRISPR-Cas enzymes
2020-Sep-14 Kirill Polovnikov Physics On connection between sparse graphs and hyperbolic geometry
2020-Sep-07 Ilias Giannakopoulos Computational and Data Science and Engineering Memory compression of the Galerkin volume integral equations and coil modeling for the electrical property mapping of biological tissue
2020-Sep-03 Dominique Leboeuf Life Sciences UBR-ubiquitin ligases of the ARG/N-degron pathway as new targets for therapy: implications in cancer and inflammation
2020-Aug-31 Yaroslav Menshenin Engineering Systems Model-based framework for system concept
2020-Aug-26 Elena Egorova Computational and Data Science and Engineering Signature codes for multiple access channels, digital fingerprinting codes and symmetric group testing
2020-Jun-30 Aleksandra Boldyreva Materials Science and Engineering Unraveling bulk and interfacial degradation mechanisms in perovskite solar cells
2020-Jun-18 Zahed Shamsollah Allahyari Materials Science and Engineering Coevolutionary search for materials with optimal properties in the space of binary systems
2020-Jun-05 Oleg Khamisov Engineering Systems Optimization of Frequency Control in Power Systems
2020-May-27 Pramod Mulbagal Rajanna Physics Hybrid heterojunction solar cells using single-walled carbon nanotubes and amorphous silicon thin films
2020-Mar-10 Timur Saifutdinov Engineering Systems Optimal Siting, Sizing and Technology Selection of Energy Storage Systems for Power Systems Applications
2020-Feb-17 Mikhail Dobynde Engineering Systems Radiation shielding of astronauts during interplanetary flights
2020-Jan-31 Christian Tantardini Materials Science and Engineering A study of chemical bonding through quantum chemical topology
2020-Jan-31 Dominik Johannes Knoll Engineering Systems Model-based processes and tools for concurrent conceptual design of space systems
2020-Jan-20 Andrii Liashyk Mathematics and Mechanics Bethe vectors and their scalar products in quantum integrable models


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2019-Dec-19 Tatyana Zyubko Life Sciences Efficient in vivo synthesis of lasso peptide pseudomycoidin proceeds in the absence of leader and leader peptidase
2019-Dec-19 Vita Stepanova Life Sciences Metabolic variations of modern and ancient human populations
2019-Dec-11 Dmitrii Ulianov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Image generation with convolutional neural networks
2019-Dec-11 Evgeniia Ustinova Computational and Data Science and Engineering Image-based human re-identification and recognition using deep learning methods
2019-Dec-09 Mazhar Ali Engineering Systems Voltage feasibility boundaries
2019-Dec-02 Sergey Ivanov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Combinatorial and Neural Graph Vector Representations
2019-Nov-28 Alexandra Tambova Computational and Data Science and Engineering The numerical modeling of nanophotonics by means of well-conditioned volume integral equation methods
2019-Nov-28 Ioannis Georgakis Computational and Data Science and Engineering Fast integral equation methods and performance bounds of modern magnetic resonance coils
2019-Nov-08 Anton Baranikov Physics Dynamic polariton condensation in organic microcavities
2019-Nov-08 Timur Yagafarov Physics Polariton lasting in a dye-filled organic microcavities
2019-Oct-30 Dmitry Smirnov Engineering Systems Innovative technological pathway for new commercial applications of Stirling cycle-based systems
2019-Oct-16 Grigorii Starkov Physics Simulations of high temperature spin dynamics
2019-Oct-04 Aleksei Tsapenko Physics Enhancing Optoelectronic Performance of Randomly Oriented Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films
2019-Oct-04 Vsevolod Iakovlev Physics Advanced synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes films by aerosol method for electro-optical application
2019-Oct-02 Kostiantyn Hubaiev Materials Science and Engineering Machine-learning interatomic potentials for multicomponent alloys
2019-Sep-30 Anna Maikova Life Sciences The CRISPR-Cas system of human pathogen Clostridium difficile: function and regulation
2019-Sep-24 Anja Tekic Engineering Systems Contextualized intellectual property management in co-creation: a configurational approach to strategy development
2019-Jun-03 Sofia Medvedeva Life Sciences Natural diversity of CRISPR spacers
2019-May-17 Yulia Zhitnyuk Life Sciences Development of Messenger RNA Delivery Platform via Virus-Like Particles


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2018-Dec-11 Anna Moroz Life Sciences Preclinical Testing of New Modalities for PET Visualization and Treatment of RAS-Driven Cancers
2018-Dec-03 Tatiana Bondarenko Petroleum Engineering Evaluation of High-Pressure Air Injection Potential for In-Situ Synthetic Oil Generation from Oil Shale: Bazhenov Formation
2018-Nov-30 Andrey Krivoy Life Sciences Primed CRISPR-Cas Adaptation in Type I-E System of Escherichia Coli: Use of Single-Molecule and Biochemical Assays to Verify Models of the Phenomenon at Molecular Level
2018-Oct-30 Vadim Lebedev Computational and Data Science and Engineering Algorithms for Speeding up Convolutional Neural Networks
2018-Oct-26 Ilia Kurochkin Life Sciences Comparative Analysis of Human Brain based on Mass Spectrometry Data
2018-Oct-25 Alexander Martynov Life Sciences Using Mathematical Modeling to Understand Prokaryotic Adaptive Immunity
2018-Oct-23 Alexander Tyshkovskiy Life Sciences Comparative Biology of Aging through the Lens of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
2018-Oct-23 Alexey Mikhalchenko Life Sciences Comparative Biology of Aging through the Lens of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
2018-Oct-09 Aliya Glagoleva Materials Science and Engineering Development of kW Scale Hydrogen Energy Storage System
2018-Oct-05 Evgeniya Gilshteyn Materials Science and Engineering Components for Stretchable Electronics based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
2018-Sep-19 Alexander Fonarev Computational and Data Science and Engineering Matrix Factorization Methods for Training Embeddings in Selected Machine Learning Problems
2018-Sep-19 Evgenii Frolov Computational and Data Science and Engineering Low-Rank Models for Recommender Systems with Limited Preference Information
2018-Jun-15 Maria Sokolova Life Sciences Functional and structural analysis of a non-canonical multisubunit RNA polymerase encoded by giant bacteriophage AR9


Date Student Program Thesis Title
2017-Oct-30 Daniil Kononenko Computational and Data Science and Engineering Learnable warping-based approach to image re-synthesis with application to gaze redirection
2017-Oct-30 Julia Piskunova Life Sciences Maturation and functional analysis of microcin C-like compounds
2017-Oct-24 Aleksandra Strotskaya Life Sciences Effects of targeting by Escherichia coli I-E CRISPR-Cas system on infection by different phages
2017-Oct-24 Daria Artamonova Life Sciences Comparative analysis of the action of eubacterial class 1 CRISPR-Cas systems
2017-Oct-17 Olga Musharova Life Sciences Investigation of DNA-binding specificity of Cas1-Cas2 CRISPR adaptation complex in Escherichia coli
2017-Oct-16 Sergei Shmakov Life Sciences Computational approaches for discovery of novel CRISPR-Cas systems
2017-Sep-21 Ignasi Lluch i Cruz Engineering Systems A Framework for Architecting Federations of Engineering Systems