Yury Kostyukevich

Yury Kostyukevich

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Professor: Evgeny Nikolaev

Yury completed his postgraduate studies in Chemical Physics at the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology defending his thesis at the Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences. He developed a novel ion trap for the ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer. The patent for the invention is owned by Bruker Corporation. He developed a simple method for structural investigation of biomolecules based on gas phase ion-molecular reactions combined with ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry. He discovered the presence of multiple gas-phase conformations of oligosaccharides ions. He made a considerable contribution to the investigation of the structure of individual molecules of natural organic matter (oil, humic substances).

Yury Kostyukevich participated in many proteomics projects, including investigation of the proteome of urine and exhaled breath condensate. He was an exchange student in the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry in ETH, Zurich, and visited many universities.