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Evgeny Nikolaev

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
If you can’t solve a problem by mass spectrometry, it probably isn’t worth solving. // Fred McLafferty
 Mass spectrometry is a method of investigation that study matter by measuring the masses of molecules. Modern mass spectrometers are the most sensitive, accurate, and powerful analytical tools.
The Laboratory is focused on the development and application of modern mass spectrometry techniques. One of the major projects is the instrumentation design, including miniaturization of mass spectrometers for field and space researches. Instrumentation development is closely related to the modeling of ion behavior in the electromagnetic field as well as to search for numerical solutions to Laplace’s and Poisson’s equations. Application of modern and state of the art techniques is mostly focused on the biologically active natural products as well as on the proteome, lipidome, and metabolome of living organisms. Research is coupled to a Big data and images treatment, calculation of SAR models, machine learning, application of chemoinformatic approaches, and creation and maintenance of molecular databases. Additionally, prediction of chemical and biological properties and relevant structures are facilitated by the in silico search in curated databases of organic compounds. Our primary goal is to develop mass-spectrometry platforms and analytical solutions for a wide area of biomedical, environmental, and chemical researches.

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