Сколтех — новый технологический университет, созданный в 2011 году в Москве командой российских и зарубежных профессоров с мировым именем. Здесь преподают действующие ученые, студентам дана свобода в выборе дисциплин, обучение включает работу над собственным исследовательским проектом, стажировку в индустрии, предпринимательскую подготовку и постоянное нахождение в международной среде.

Career Talk

Снимок экрана 2015-12-11 в 7.50.50Мы рады пригласить вас на Career Talk, который пройдет 17 декабря в 16:00 в Сколтехе. Профессора Сколтеха расскажут о том, как построить научную карьеру.  Для участия необходимо отправить ФИО на .



Подробная информация о мероприятия на английском:

When: December 17, 2015, 16:00 – 17.30
Where: TPOC-3, Room 407

Faculty panel: Skoltech professors – Raj RajagopalanNatasha BerloffAlessandro GolkarNikolay Gippius

Participants: postdocs, PhD and Master students, junior faculty

 Learning objective: At this panel workshop the participants will learn directly from Skoltech professors about their experience in building a faculty career in different countries.

 Proposed topics:

 How Does One Prepare for an Academic Career While Doing PhD or Postdoctoral Work

  • How can I assess and improve my chances for future faculty positions?
  • Why postdocs are often called trainees? I’ve done my PhD, my education is over.
  • What is more valued in the market – focused or broader research area?
  • What’s more important – strengthening research skills or teaching abilities?
  1. What Are the Expectations, Responsibilities and Obligations in Academic Career
  • Compare faculty commitments in universities in Americas, Russia, Europe, UK, and Asia.
  • It’s not a 9-to-5 job. How can I develop good discipline habits?
  • Combining faculty and administrative positions – pressures and compromises.
  1. How Does One Prepare for Interviews
  • Faculty selection – can support of an influential person outweigh merits of other candidates?
  • How can I get meaningful recommendation letters?
  • I have little international experience. How can I form a global network if I have no funds for frequent travelling?
  • Which ways do you find most effective for improving the writing skills?
  • What’s your experience in joining public presentation groups, e.g. Toastmasters Club?
  • How can I practice English in a Russian-speaking environment?
  1. What Does It Take to Advance in an Academic Career
  • Personal, professional and ethical issues in academia – any stories to share?
  • The role of communication skills and networking: the stories of those who advanced rapidly in their career largely due to their communication talent.
  • What’s more important – individual success in isolation or interaction with peers and teamwork?

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