Сколтех — новый технологический университет, созданный в 2011 году в Москве командой российских и зарубежных профессоров с мировым именем. Здесь преподают действующие ученые, студентам дана свобода в выборе дисциплин, обучение включает работу над собственным исследовательским проектом, стажировку в индустрии, предпринимательскую подготовку и постоянное нахождение в международной среде.

Skoltech Digest 10/12/2019-22/12/2019

Dear Skoltech community, we would be glad to receive news on your publications, interviews and achievements.

Artem Oganov comments on his decision to return to Russia after 16 years of working abroad. Watch on RT
Skoltech: education, new campus, commercial research. Read on 4 science
Skoltech specialists have developed potassium batteries with special properties. Read on neuronus.com
Scientists from the laboratory of Konstantin Severinov examined DNA fragments that were inserted into the genome of E. coli bacteria upon activation of adaptive immunity CRISPR-Cas. Read on Indicator
A paper by Skoltech researchers is praised as the most discussed research work of the year. Read on Sputnik, Stimul, RIA Novosti, tvzvezda, Rambler
Sberbank becomes a founding member of Skoltech. Read on RIA Novosti
Maxim Fedorov participated at the III International Scientific Forum “Step into the Future: Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Economy”. Read on press-release.ru
MIT Skoltech collaboration enters its third phase. Read on  TASSnews.MIT.edubfm.ru/news/зеленоград-инфо.рф
Ivan Oseledets explains how soil fertility can be enhanced with digital twin technology. Read on Izvestia
Skoltech researchers and their colleagues from St.Petersburg, Taganrog and Nizhniy Novgorod work together on electronic brain of self-driving cars. Watch on Rossiya 1 from 46:46
Skoltech will develop an end-to-end digital Open RAN solution for 5G networks with the support of MTS and Element Group. Read on Vedomosticontent-review.com
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