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Skoltech Center for Energy Systems held its 2nd International Conference

P1080103On May 30-31, the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems hosted its second international conference entitled: “Shaping research in integrated gas-, heat- and electric- energy infrastructures”. The conference was jointly organized with the International Institute for Energy Systems Integration (iiESI).

This conference is a continuation of the successful event that took place in June 2015, where the modern mathematical methods applied to energy systems were largely discussed. This year, the internationally invited experts from around the world shared their experiences and discussed the prospects for integration of thermal, gas and electric power systems.

The technical committee of the conference included prof. Janusz Bialek, Director of the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems, his colleagues: prof. Michael Chertkov and prof. Aldo Bischi, and prof. Mark O’Malley, Director of the Research Center for Electric Power, University College Dublin.

3During the first day and a half of the event ,the widely recognized scientists in the field from Russia, USA, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Ireland and Japan discussed the challenges and opportunities related to the integration of heat, gas and power infrastructures: Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP) units achieving higher efficiencies and lowering the environmental impact; fluctuating renewable energy sources as well as loads and prices; electric energy storage both conventional, e.g. electrochemical, and unconventional e.g. as synthetic fuels (hydrogen or synthetic methane) or as thermal energy via heat pumps; thermal energy storage both via buildings inertia and via dedicated heat storage tanks integrated in the district heating network; how to deal with emergencies and be sure to operate in a safe interval.

1The 2nd half of the second conference day was devoted to discussion of the techno-economic aspects and integrated energy infrastructures practical challenges from industrial point of view. The R&D Center of Federal Grid Company presented their research activities as well as the multi-utility company IREN (Italy). IREN is active in more than ten EU projects and brought a real world example from the Turin district heating network integration with advanced heat storage configurations and consequent power plants flexibilization with emissions reduction. A representative from DNV GL (USA) gave a talk on modeling of gas compression station. Nomura Research Institute (Japan) and University of Bologna (Italy) spinoff, OPTIT were also present; the latter developing software for distributed power generation optimization. Also the non-commercial Association “NP Market Council”, the Design and Analytical Company “LORES”, the startup “Thermal Motors” LLC (co-founded by Skoltech student Dmitry Smirnov) and their colleagues from the Italian AB Gruppo, which will soon open an office in Moscow, participated in the so-called round table discussion to voice the existing barriers and opted potential solutions in achieving the full scale energy systems integration. The conference participants expressed their great interest in this area, highlighting its great practical importance.

Professor Alexander Ustinov

Professor Alexander Ustinov

Professor Alexander Ustinov, Deputy Director of the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems: “For us, the conference is of interest because by it means we are implementing one of the Skoltech functions – attracting the international expertise. This year we were able to assemble the world’s leading experts in the field of energy systems. Moreover, not only theoreticians, but also industry professionals with practical experience. There were interesting reports made by colleagues from Denmark, USA, Italy and Japan. So, the experience of creation of small-scale integrated power systems with the use of local resources, shared by the colleagues from Europe, which may look as far from us at first glance is, in fact, relevant to a number of isolated settlements in Yakutia and the Far East.

Participation of the Russian companies’ representatives in the industrial part of the conference, which can be viewed as both the consumers of technologies and developers of the unique solutions, allowed us to get a clearer picture of the landscape that exists today in the world and a place in the development of integrated energy systems, which belongs to Russia. The industrial program of the conference, in addition to the mutual acquaintance with experience, is valuable because of making contacts that could lead to joint projects. For Skoltech, this conference is interesting by the fact that we are bringing expertise and funds. Our University is a good partner to enter to the Russian market for our foreign partners.”

Vittorio Verda

Vittorio Verda

Professor. Vittorio Verda, Polytechnic University Torino, Italy: “The field of my interests is design and modeling of district heating areas, including solutions in the field of thermal energy storage. This subject is very well developed in Russia and is important for me to share my knowledge in this field and to get acquainted with the opinion of colleagues. One could hardly find another such opportunity to meet in one place with a concentration of leading experts from the academic and industry practitioners and engineers. It is a good platform for the exchange of ideas and the emergence of joint research plans. For example, in the field of simulation of gas and electricity networks. If we talk about the fact that it was particularly interesting to me, it is, of course, attention and action that is paid to the reliability of the functioning of Russian district heating systems – we in the Mediterranean region do not have such developed and reliable systems, and we found here an interesting experience and good prospects for cooperation.”

Vladimir Shkatov

Vladimir Shkatov

According to Vladimir Shkatov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Association “Non-Commercial Partnership Market Council on the organization of an effective system of electric power wholesale and retail trade and power”: “It is obvious that the current state of energy puts on the agenda the issue of integration, since the division of systems is very expensive. Speaking of integration, we mean that it is desirable to design and operate the support systems (heat, gas, elector, water supply, transport and so on) on the basis of a common approach to the operation and design. At some point in time of the 1970’s, we have done just that. Now the question is more efficient use of all types of energy, synergy is particularly urgent. And this decision is no longer a technological aspect, as it was in the USSR, and the aspect related to the business and political components. For us, this conference is interesting because of the fact that there have been discussed both technical and business aspects of solutions to this problem. Besides, it is always interesting to look and hear the international experience. “

Federal Grid Company is exploring the possibility of cooperation with Skoltech

DSC_8429-300x200The leaders of the Federal Grid Company “UES” visited Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology to learn about Skoltech and its abilities, and to discuss possible cooperation in the area of power-grids in the future.

The delegation was headed by Andrey Murov, Chairman of the Board of “FGC UES”, and included Pavel Korsunov and Natalia Ozhegina, Vice-Chairmen of the Board of “FGC UES”; Dmitry Klokov, director of external communications; Dmitry Tyron, Deputy General Director of Construction “ECMC UES”; Anton Sheverdov, director of the construction of facilities in the regions of the Center of “ECMC UES” and Sergei Ponomarev, chief expert at “FGC UES”. The guests got acquainted with the program of construction projects at the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center, and with the work of Skoltech and activity of its research centers.

7-300x200High officials of the Skolkovo foundationMaxim Sheifel, Acting Vice-President, Skolkovo City Manager; Vasily Belov, Senior Vice President of Innovation; Nikolai Grachev, vice president and executive director of the Cluster of energy-efficient technologies; Anton Yakovenko, General Director of “ODAS Skolkovo” – informed the guests about the progress of the construction of the energy infrastructure at the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Alexey Ponomarev, Skoltech’s vice president of strategy and industrial cooperation; Prof. Alexander Ustinov, deputy director of the Research Center for Energy Systems and Ivan Sherstov, director of programs for cooperation with the industry, presented Skoltech’s program of activities and proposals for cooperation with “FGC UES” in the field of electric grid systems.

2-300x200The guests were shown a complex pilot of an overhead power lines monitoring system, as well as individual solutions in an integrated power line monitoring system: project of the unique “Kanatahod” (“tight rope” in Russian) copter-rope walker, able to land on a high-voltage lines wire, to monitor power lines and the icing monitoring system (MIG).

The guests from “FGC UES” got acquainted with the work of the energy systems laboratory, advanced structures, processes and materials. At the end of the visit, both sides agreed to continue to discuss promising areas of cooperation with Skoltech at the level of experts.

Bienvenue à Skoltech, IFP School

IFP SchoolA delegation from the French Petroleum Institute – IFP School – visited Skoltech on March 29th to discuss joint projects in the field of education and research programs. This visit is another step in the tightening relations between Skoltech and France, after the visit of the French Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, Mr. Emmanuel Macron at Skoltech two months ago.

The french delegation was led by Director of the Center of Economics and Management at IFP School, prof. Nadine Bret-Ruza and included Vladimir Alejandro Cheque-Flores, Program supervisor, and Prof. Sylvain Boyer. After a general presentation about Skoltech, given by Alexei Sitnikov, Vice-President for Institutional and Resource Development, the guests were acquainted to Skoltech Center for Energy Systems by Prof. Alexander Ustinov, its associate director, and to the Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery by Dr. Alexei Cheremisin, the center’s associate director. After the presentations and discussions, the guests visited the centers’ labs.

Based in Rueil-Malmaison, IFP School was founded in 1954. Its forerunner was the oil laboratory set up after the First World War University. Today, IFP School is part of the French Petroleum Institute (IFP), which specializes in technical training, research and management education for the needs of oil, gas and chemical industries, as well as in the field of propulsion systems engineering. The school graduates approximately 600 students per year in 20 graduate programs (10 in English), employing 40 regular professors and 350 instructors from industry

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