Faculty Fellowship Program

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkTech) is proud to announce the creation of a limited number of Distinguished Founding Faculty Fellowships. These Faculty Fellows will form a group, together with the initial standing faculty of SkTech, that will participate in shaping and launching this new university in its crucial formative stages.

The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology is a startup university, to be located in the innovation zone called Skolkovo, outside of Moscow – sometimes called the “Russian Silicon Valley.” It is a major component of the program of the Russian Federation to move towards an innovation-based economy. The principal founding partner of SkTech is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Cambridge Massachusetts, USA. SkTech will initially have five primary education and research programs: in Information Science and Technology, Energy Science and Technology, Biomedical Science and Technology, Space Science and Technology, and Nuclear Science and Technology.

Faculty Fellows will participate in the intellectual exercise of the design and establishment of an entirely new university, built on the “triple helix” model of integrated teaching, research and innovation.

Individuals wishing to explore the function of universities, the creation of new research programs, the design of advanced educational environments and programs, and the interface between universities and industry that drives innovation are encouraged to apply.

Faculty Fellows must be members of the permanent Faculty of a major university, or in some cases Senior Members of the administrative staff of a major university, at the senior level (corresponding in the US to Full Professor or Tenured Associate Professor). Senior staff from industrial and national research laboratories are also welcome to apply.

Faculty Fellows would be expected to spend at least half time with SkTech working on the project for a period of at least four months, and up to one year, but individual time commitments are negotiable. Fellows would not be required to move to Moscow, but approximately monthly travel to Moscow would be expected, as well as travel to MIT and other partner universities. English is the working language of SkTech, and ability in Russian language is not necessary, but is a benefit. Levels of financial support commensurate with sabbaticals at western universities will be provided, as well as travel and living allowances.

Positions are available starting immediately, and running through at least June of 2013. Applications consisting of a statement of interest and goals, and a current CV should be submitted online at https://ff-program.mit.edu.

Questions on the goals and plans for the program can be directed to Professor

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