Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is devoted to creating a comprehensive learning experience that helps students reach their educational, professional, and personal goals. We administer a set of services and support so that all students can focus on the important things:

  • Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes, both disciplinary (science/engineering) and in entrepreneurship and innovation (E&I)
  • Establish the graduate student culture of Skoltech as one of intensity, curiosity, and adventure, centered on innovation, and founded on a firm understanding of science, engineering, and technology

To do this we:

  • Provide leadership and support for student affairs programs
  • Support students in their intellectual, moral, ethical, social, cultural, emotional, and physical development
  • Challenge students to create a diverse community of mutual respect through cultural exploration and social interaction
  • Encourage students to contribute as leaders, team members, professionals, and world citizens through experiential learning opportunities
  • Explore and apply Moscow and Russia as an educational environment where learning has no boundaries
  • Create local and global connections: academic, professional and personal